How Much Is My Website Worth? (REAL Value)


Are you wondering how much your website is worth?

Buying and selling websites is a massive industry. Besides, even if you are not selling your website, knowing its value can help you feel good about its progress and stay motivated to keep growing it.

In this article, we will show you how to figure out how much your website is worth. We will also talk about buying and selling websites in general.

how to calculate website worth and potential valuehow to calculate website worth and potential value

Here is a quick overview of the topics we will cover in this article:

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Why Find Out Your Website’s Worth?

Buying and selling websites is one of the most popular online business ideas. Each day, thousands of people make websites to launch their businesses online.

If you keep working on growing your WordPress website and business, then with each passing day, the value of your website will keep increasing.

Finding out the true market value of your website helps you achieve the following:

  • Motivation: You can visualize the potential market value of your website in real numbers. This information can be a motivational tool to help you grow your online business to the next milestone.
  • Strategize: You can see what makes a website particularly attractive for potential buyers and start adding value to your own website.
  • Compare offers: Perhaps someone has already made an offer to buy your website, and you want to see how much your website is worth in the market.
  • Make a Selling Decision: Maybe you are just exploring your options and want to move on to some other project if you can get the right price for your website.

That being said, let’s take a look at what factors affect a website’s potential worth.

What Factors Affect a Website’s Value?

The following are some of the most important factors that affect a website’s worth and potential value on the market.

These are the most common elements that a potential buyer will look into to determine the potential worth of your website.

However, some factors may be less or more important than others depending on your website’s niche and the buyer’s interest in your business.

1. Website Earnings

Website earningsWebsite earnings

Website earnings means the amount of money your website earned during the last few months. A potential buyer will look at this information to see how much money they will be able to make after buying your website.

They will also look into the sources of income on your website, such as AdSense or other advertisement revenue, affiliate marketing income, products sold in your online store, and more.

Typically, websites with more than one source of income are considered more valuable by potential buyers.

Apart from earnings, a potential buyer may also look at profits generated by a website. Profit is usually calculated by subtracting the operating costs from the total revenue.

Websites with no earnings are usually harder to sell. However, a buyer may still be interested in overall traffic, subscribers, and other factors that could potentially bring them good business.

2. Traffic Analytics

Website analyticsWebsite analytics

Websites with higher traffic attract more interest from potential buyers and are generally considered more valuable.

To get an idea of your website’s traffic analytics, you can use a plugin like MonsterInsights. It is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It helps you collect historical traffic analytics data, which will be useful in determining your website’s worth.

First, you need to install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin. For more details, you can see our tutorial on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, the plugin will ask you to connect MonsterInsights to your Google Analytics account. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup.

Once connected, you can view your website’s traffic reports by visiting the Insights » Reports page in the WordPress admin area.

MonsterInsights reportsMonsterInsights reports

However, page views and website visitors alone do not guarantee a higher price for a website. Other traffic analytics also affect a website’s potential market value.

For instance, the geographic location of website visitors, how much time they spend on your website, conversion rates, and other factors may also be considered during the evaluation.

Track eCommerce conversions in MonsterInsightsTrack eCommerce conversions in MonsterInsights

Another important factor is the type of traffic you are getting to your website.

For instance, organic traffic coming from search engines is considered more valuable than paid traffic coming through advertisements and affiliate partners.

MonsterInsights will help you capture all this data, present it in human-readable format, and let you export it as PDF files to share with potential buyers.

For more information, you can see our guide on how to track website visitors to your WordPress site.

3. Domain Authority

Domain authorityDomain authority

Domain authority (DA) refers to a website’s potential reputation on search engines.

Websites with higher reputations have more authority and are often ranked higher much quicker than other websites.

Search engines like Google don’t generally offer data like domain reputation. However, several third-party services like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz offer domain authority testers of their own.

We recommend using Semrush, as it is one of the most comprehensive search engine marketing platforms on the market.

Tip: Semrush also has a free plan that gives you access to limited but highly useful features, including a domain authority checker.

Once you have signed in to your Semrush account, go to the ‘Domain Overview’ section and enter your domain name.

You will then find your domain authority score under the Authority Score, along with the Semrush Domain Rank value. The higher the number, the better your domain authority.

Domain authority in SemrushDomain authority in Semrush

Here are some basic factors that these tools consider to determine your domain authority:

  • Age of a domain name (when your domain name was first registered)
  • Backlinks from third-party websites pointing to that domain name.
  • Internal links pointing to different areas of a domain name
  • How often search engines rank your website
  • The average of your search engine ranking positions (SERPs)

Generally, it takes a lot of time and consistency to build a higher domain authority.

If you are just starting a blog or a website, then you should first focus on establishing your brand reputation and domain authority.

A good place to start is our WordPress SEO guide for beginners, which walks you through the proper SEO setup for your website from day one.

4. Additional Assets Accompanying Your Website

Selling a website means selling the business associated with your website, its brand reputation, and other digital and physical assets.

All of them add value to your website’s potential worth on the market.

For instance, a typical WordPress blog may have an active email newsletter, social media profiles, a YouTube channel, a Facebook group, and more.

Let’s say you are selling digital downloads. The rights to those digital downloads will add more value to your website.

Similarly, if you run an eCommerce store with an inventory to manage, then that stock will add more value to your website.

Additionally, your business contacts with vendors, suppliers, and affiliate partners will add more value to your website if they are willing to work with the new owner.

Buying and Selling Website Domains

Often, a potential buyer may want to purchase a website just to get the domain name.

Your website’s domain name could be worth a lot more than the contents of the website itself.

Here are some scenarios when a potential customer may want to get a domain name:

  • The domain name matches the name of a startup and growing brand.
  • Some domain names are meaningful and more marketable for some other businesses.
  • Businesses may want to use clever domain names as short URLs.
  • It is a high-authority domain name with healthy backlinks and an excellent SEO reputation.

These domain names are often referred to as premium domain names. Your website may seem not particularly profitable, but the domain name could still be valuable and attract potential buyers.

There are several domain appraisal tools available online that can help you find a rough estimate of your domain name’s potential value.

For instance, GoDaddy’s domain appraisal tool considers a domain’s age, uniqueness, extension, and more to generate an estimate.

You simply need to visit the free GoDaddy domain appraisal tool and enter your domain name.

Domain appraisalDomain appraisal

However, domain appraisal tools are not perfect, and your domain’s actual value could be a lot higher or lower than the appraisal value.

You can even sell your domain name separately using platforms like GoDaddy Domain Auctions. This is a domain name marketplace where interested buyers can bid on listed domain names to buy them.

GoDaddy domain auctionsGoDaddy domain auctions

You’ll need to sign up for a GoDaddy Auctions membership to list your domain name, which costs $4.99 per year.

Here are some other domain name marketplaces that you can explore to sell your premium domain name:

Website Worth Calculator

A website value calculator is an online tool that helps you calculate your website’s potential worth based on the information you provide.

This information includes website traffic analytics, estimated earnings, social media profiles, email lists, and more.

However, keep in mind that these website value calculators are appraisal tools and only provide an estimate. You need to carefully use this information to make your own business decisions.

Quick Website Value Calculation Formula

Before you use an online website value calculator, you can use the following formula to get a basic estimate of your website’s potential worth.

Basically, a website’s potential worth can be anywhere between
20-50 times the monthly website earnings.

For instance, if a website makes $1000 per month, then its potential value could be anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000.

Now, that’s a huge range, and an online website appraisal tool can help you narrow it down.

Online Website Value Calculators

1. Flippa

Flippa is the largest online marketplace to buy and sell websites and online businesses. They offer a free website valuation service where you can answer a few questions to get an estimated worth of your website.

Just go to the Flippa website and click on the ‘Get a Free Valuation’ button at the top.

Flippa valuationFlippa valuation

This will launch Flippa’s free online website valuation tool.

Simply answer a few on-screen questions to continue. Flippa will ask you questions like the age of your business, how much monthly revenue you make, the number of monthly visitors you get, and more.

Flippa valuation botFlippa valuation bot

After completing the survey, Flippa will calculate an estimated value for your website based on the information you provided.

It will show you the information with a preview of what your website listing on Flippa would look like.

Activate Flippa listingActivate Flippa listing

You can activate your Flippa listing by paying the listing fee. This will make your website appear in Flippa’s websites for sale listings.

Note: Apart from the listing fee, Flippa will charge a commission fee when your website is sold.

2. Empire Flippers

Empire FlippersEmpire Flippers

Empire Flippers is another popular marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. Their free website valuation tool is fast and helps you get a quick estimate of your website’s worth.

You simply need to choose your main monetization method and then answer some questions about your website’s age and how long you spend on your business per week.

Empire Flippers will then ask you your average monthly gross revenue and monthly net profit. Finally, you will be asked about your monthly website visitors, email subscribers, revenue channels, and social media followers.

Empire Flippers will then send you an email with an estimated low and high price for your website. The low price can be set as a starting point when you want to sell your website quickly. You can use the higher price if you can wait for a higher bid.

Where to Sell Your Website

Selling your website is similar to selling any other business. It has potential legal and financial aspects that you need to get right to protect your interests.

We recommend using a trustworthy online marketplace platform to sell your business. Here are some of the popular website marketplaces that you can check out:

  • Flippa: The biggest online marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. It has a large community of prospective buyers and sellers, which makes it easy to get a better offer for your website.
  • Empire Flippers: Another popular online marketplace where you can buy and sell websites. It has a smaller community than Flippa and doesn’t accept websites earning less than $500 in profits per month.
  • MotionInvest: A growing marketplace for online businesses and websites.

How to Sell Your Website at the Highest Price

Selling a website can be a complicated process. A beginner user may end up selling their website at a much lower price than its true potential.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best offer for your website.

Reach Out to Potential Buyers on Social Media

There may be potential buyers in your own network that could be interested in your business. You can try advertising on your social media accounts. The advantage of this approach is that you can reach a deal much quicker than waiting for offers in an online marketplace.

Know Your Website’s True Worth

Online website worth checkers can only give you an estimate of your website’s value. However, your site could be worth more than that.

Consider the potential earnings of your website over the months and years when setting an asking price for your it.

Set a Realistic Buy Now Price

The buy-now price is the minimum price that you are expecting for your website. Setting it too high will make it difficult to sell your website.

If you don’t need to sell your website urgently, then you can set it a bit higher and wait for better offers.

Grow Your Website to Get Better Offers

Are you not getting any good offers for your website? Maybe your website needs a little more work to be more attractive to potential buyers.

You can start by growing your website traffic, boosting your sales, increasing your revenue, and more.

You can also add more value to your website with email marketing, growing social media following, and adding user-generated content to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Websites

Following are some of the most commonly asked questions from users trying to calculate their website worth.

1. What is my website worth?

Your website’s worth can be calculated using its monthly revenue and profits, number of visitors, and accompanying digital assets like its domain name, social media and email list subscribers, backlinks, and more.

2. Which website worth calculator is the best?

Flippa‘s website worth calculator is the best free website valuation calculator on the market. It uses the information you provide and compares it with historical data from its website marketplace. Then, it comes up with an estimated value of your website’s market worth.

3. How can I improve my website’s worth?

You can improve your website’s worth by growing its revenue and making it more profitable. Additionally, growing your organic traffic, building an email list, growing your social media following, and getting high-quality backlinks can also help increase your website’s potential value.

We hope this article helped you answer how much your website is worth. You may also want to see our guide on easy ways to make money online with your website and our expert picks of the best WordPress plugins to grow your online business.

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