Mojo Themes Anniversary Bundle ($442 worth of value for $25)


Our friends over at Mojo Themes have notified us that they are running a special bundle for their first anniversary. The bundle will include some of their most popular items within their marketplace. These items are a total worth of $442, and you can get it all for $25.

Note: The bundle is limited time only. It will run for only 7 days (April 18th – April 24th, 2011).

The bundle includes 14 items which ranges across various platforms (mainly WordPress though). There are 10 cool WordPress themes, 2 WordPress plugins (yup this includes a most wanted Mobile plugin and an auctions plugin), and 2 tumblr themes for those who uses tumblr. Lets check out in details whats in the Mojo Anniversary Bundle:

WordPress Themes

Mojo Themes Anniversary Bundle

Signal8 – $32
Lambert – $32
Pride & Joy – $35
Cleaner – $32
FolioStudio – $37
Stereotype – $32
Granity – $35
Universalistic – $37
WordShaft – $35
Advanced – $32

WordPress Plugins

WP Mobile – $37
WP Auctions – $37


Altered Perspective – $12
Veen – $14

Don’t miss out on this amazing deal.

Get Mojo Theme’s Anniversary Bundle NOW

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