4 Rules You Must Know About WordPress Logo and Trademark


WordPress is a fast growing ecosystem for businesses where some companies are earning millions by offering WordPress based products and services. Due to such high demand, new businesses are being started every day. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur who is planning to start a WordPress based business, or just a WordPress beginner, then here are the 4 rules you should know about WordPress logo and trademark.

1. WordPress with capital P

The correct way to spell WordPress is with a capital P. This capitalization is taken very seriously by the WordPress community. In fact WordPress has a built-in filter called capital_P_dangit() which automatically corrects the misspelled instances of WordPress in title, content and excerpts.

If you are going to mention WordPress anywhere, then make sure that you use the correct spelling. It will earn you a lot of brownie points with the community.

2. No WordPress in Your Domain Name

WordPress the open source software is licensed under GPL. However, the name WordPress itself is a registered trademark owned by the WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization established by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg (See our guide on how are WordPress.org and WordPress.com related).

The goal of the foundation is to protect WordPress and to further the cause of open source software that it supports.

Just like any other registered trademark, the WordPress Foundation reserves exclusive usage rights for WordPress. This means you cannot use WordPress as part of your brand name or website. This restriction also includes domain names. For example:

WordPressBeginner.com Wrong!
WPBeginner.com OK!

You can use WordPress in a subdomain such as (wordpress.myawesomeservice.com), the WordPress Foundation is mainly concerned about top-level domains.

If you see someone using WordPress in their domain name or brand name, then you should contact WordPress Foundation and notify them about the violation.

3. The WordPress Logo

The WordPress logo consists of the letter W in a grey or sometimes white circle with a grey ring around it. The height of the letter W is tall and graceful. Many bloggers and website owners sometime mistakenly use faux logo which usually has a shorter W in it.

Official WordPress logo compared with a Fauxgo or bad logo

Make sure that you are using the correct WordPress logo in your projects. You can find several examples of WordPress logos here.

You can download these images and use them in your projects. Make sure that you use them in accordance with WordPress trademark policy.

4. WordPress Colors

When using WordPress logo in your own artwork, it is recommended that you use the official WordPress color palette.

Official WordPress color palette


Pantone 7468
CMYK 97, 44, 26, 3
Hex #21759b
RGB 33, 117, 155

Pantone 1665
CMYK 6, 86, 100, 1
Hex #d54e21
RGB 213, 78, 33

Pantone Black 7
CMYK 65, 60, 60, 45
Hex #464646
RGB 70, 70, 70

Examples of WordPress color palette used with WordPress logo

We hope this article helped you learn about the WordPress logo and trademark. You will be helping the WordPress community by using them wisely and in accordance with WordPress foundation’s trademark policy.

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