Achieve Continuous Production with Our Pusher Type Furnaces


Thermochem Furnaces Pvt Ltd is a leading industrial furnaces manufacturer in India. They specialize in providing advanced solutions for specific thermal needs and requirements of various industries. With over 30 years of experience in the field, Thermochem has become a reputable name in the industry, with several domestic and international clients vouching for their expertise and professionalism.

Thermochem Furnaces offer a wide range of furnaces catering to different industrial needs, starting from small laboratory models, to large-scale industrial units. Some of their popular products include the aluminium annealing furnace, pusher type furnace, and roller hearth furnace.

The Aluminium Annealing Furnace is designed to heat-treat aluminium in various forms, including sheets, plates, coils, or extrusions. The specialised furnace design ensures that the product receives uniform heating during the process, resulting in high-quality end products. Aluminium annealing furnaces are commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries, to name a few. Pusher Type Furnace is another popular design offered by Thermochem Furnaces. This furnace is ideal for heat treatment of wire rods, bars, and forgings. The pusher type furnace enables continuous production with minimal supervision and is suitable for tough industrial environments.

Quality, Durable Roller Hearth Furnaces Built to Last

Thermochem Furnaces also manufacture Roller Hearth Furnaces, which are used in various applications requiring high temperatures. These furnaces are used in sintering, annealing, tempering, and surface hardening of metallic and non-metallic products. The furnace design ensures that products move through the furnace smoothly, avoiding potential warping, and surface damage.In addition to these popular furnace types, Thermochem Furnaces also offer Custom Built Furnaces, which are designed specifically to customer requirements. This service offers a bespoke furnace solution to industries that require unique furnace designs and specifications.

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