Automattic Revamps Code Poet to Become More Than Just a Listing Site


This Saturday, Automattic officially relaunched Code Poet and expanded it beyond the listing site. For those of you who do not know, previously Code Poet was just a directory of WordPress professionals brought to you by Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. With this revamp, it is now a resource for anyone building “stuff” with WordPress (not necessarily developers).

The team sums it up in four words. Learn, Teach, Inspire, and Motivate. This is exactly the type of energy we need within the community. As of now, you can see a list of recommended books (currently only 2 are listed). There is a section for interviews where the team plans to interview WordPress professionals (currently 2 are available). There is also a collection of helpful resources.

What does this mean for the official directory? Considering it is almost non-existent because it is pushed all the way at the bottom, we believe there are plans to rebuild it. We were told that while they are not including new companies at the moment, everyone is open to submit their companies. Once they re-open the directory, it will be included. We can only assume that the team is working on making Directory a part of the website. Let’s hope they don’t get rid of it altogether.

We are interested in seeing how this project evolves.

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