9 Best FPS Games For PC – First Person Shooter Games 2018


For all sorts of gamers, FPS (first person shooter) games are the best games irrespective of the other prevalent genres. These best PC shooters have been driving the gaming industry crazy from years. These games are meant to satisfy you irrespective of the fact that they are old or new.

These best FPS games for PC require skills, but it also allows the player to develop skills gradually without much struggle. If you are an FPS fan too, you will love the listings further discussed as it will be regarding the best FPS games.

9 Best FPS games for PC 2018


titanfall 2-min

This game became one of the top picks and best PC shooters of 2016. The game has an excellent into of mechanics and is as charming as anything if we talk solely about its FPS portion. Epic set pieces, and blockbuster bombasts become a part of it. The raw mechanics of the games are amazing, and the blasts of shotgun feel so satisfying to an ardent FPS player.

The PC version of the game is far better and improved and gives a great experience. The game has become so bigger and better than we ever imagined.

2. Wolfenstein 2: THE NEW COLOSSUS

wolfenstein 2-min

This game has gotten much stronger, and even some parts get a little too gun heavy. Such machine games can tell you enough about having an engaging story too to increase the fun. This game is bound to provide you the most thrilling and breathlessly amazing shooting experience throughout.

In the game, you will be triggering the second American Revolution.



Doom is one of those games which have the old genre and working but are painted in the fresh coat and also experiences numerous conveniences like other games, like upgrades, checkpoints and objectives of the game and so on.

The game is bound to make you feel the “Flash,” primarily because of the speed but apart from that it also has glory kills which makes it better on the charts of best firstperson shooter PC. Glory kills will help you smash the demons into bits just as their name suggests.


call of duty wwII-min

This is something which came as an addition to the lines of call of duty which was required by the fps field. This is one of the top picks for the best fps games when we talk about the battlefield and mud steps.

It has additions like instant kills and deaths in the battlefield.

Also, there is a war mode of COD WW2. Now the team pushes itself ahead and completes objectives and foils each other around.



This game is very well known by all and is most importantly about teamwork and team play. It is more about your long term, and team objectives and performance rather than your killing or progress.

Also, another beneficial fact is that overwatch is continuously being added with new heroes and mods as well.

This game is more about pick up and starts playing and is one of the most played and recognized on the best FPS games list.


counter strike go-min

This game is no less than the version of modern warfare grinder for meat. While you start playing, you are going to see players who have been playing it for decades and are experts.

The legal death in the game would be from sniper attacks and scout skills. However, if you start and learn to play it well enough, you could hit up the leaderboard charts.

These charts provide you so much and are a total reward.

Counterstrike is a total modern game and will provide you the greatest way to play your skills out.


half life 2-min

This sequel of half-life is so ambitious and focused than ever. This game is all developed now, with much bigger ambitions, much more confidence and greater enemies and story. It remains to be one of the most compelling FPS.

There are some really good characters and a great and more realistic sort of environment.

Being one of the oldest games, possess enough capabilities of being memorable because of the haunted streets and compelling environment.


rainbow six seige-min

This is one of those games which let you experience the feeling of exact real danger, thrill, and tension. You start scouting in some particular zones, find proper hostage and look out for enemies keeping in mind, your objectives and charts.

You will have to shoot out everywhere, including smashing of walls and so on.

This game is majorly about team leadership and control while keeping eyes for enemies and working together.

There are new seasons, and new and better content which keeps developing during you play at rainbow six sieges.

9. LEFT 4 DEAD 2

left 4 dead 2-min

This game counts as one of the best first-person shooter PC when it comes to graphics and storytelling and so on. There are zombies which will crawl up the walls and will try to crash over you. They will drag you and fighting over them is no easy task.

There are numerous mods and great level designs in this game.

You will have to boom and shoot them right into the face otherwise be ready for your deathbed welcome. The zombies are going to show you they’re each weird and terrible talent.

Left four dead two remains of the best co-op FPS games for the modern generation.

So, these were some of the best PC shooters which the modern gaming generation is very fond of. Each of them has their significance and specifications. Each of them has new and developed a set of skills, objectives, and stats. This is the reason why they comprise to become a part of the top FPS games of all times because when it comes to FPS games, there is needed an edge to become the top ones.

These mentioned games and many more are bound and expected to provide you the best FPS experience.