Breadcrumb NavXT


Breadcrumb Navigation shows the visitor their path to the current content location. You can see it in action right above this page’s title. It looks something like Home » WPBeginner’s Blueprint … Breadcrumb navigation has proven to be really useful for users. Most of the time our users don’t come to a specific post or page through our homepage. Often they find the content linked from somewhere else (another website, social networks, search results). But it is our job to give users a proper navigation path, so they can look at other content on our site. Breadcrumb Navigation also helps SEO because it is simply another way of internal linking. It helps the search crawler find other pages on your site.

Previously, we were using the built-in Breadcrumb feature offered in WordPress SEO plugin. Before that, we were using the built-in Breadcrumb Navigation that comes with the Genesis Framework. With this new design, we have chosen to use a fairly popular plugin called Breadcrumb NavXT (It has been downloaded over half a million times).

The main reason behind the switch was customization. We wanted the ability to specify max title length. Neither Yoast’s plugin nor the built-in Genesis feature allowed for that. They are great at what they do, they just weren’t able to do what we wanted it to do.

This plugin definitely has more options for breadcrumb navigation than any other plugin that we know of.

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