Christmas Present from WPBeginner – Tassimo T20 Brewbot


Normally as bloggers, you get Christmas presents like digital cameras, external hard drives, cool usb sticks, and other electronic gadgets. But no one really seems to think that as bloggers a lot of us run on Coffee as our fuel. Well, one of our friend Lara Kulpa (@larakulpa) from Tassimo decided to send me the BEST Christmas Present that we have ever received from a company. After exchanging some emails with the thank yous and such, we were notified that we can give one of these away to 1 lucky reader (U.S Residents Only – Sorry).

So what the heck is a Tassimo T20 Brewbot?

At first, we thought it would look something like this:

Well don’t blame us! The name is Brewbot, so as geeky as we are that was an accurate representation. But it did not look like that when we opened the box. Rather it was a very cool little Home Brewing System like this:

In short, Tassimo is a pod-based hot drink maker because it can make Regular Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Chai Tea etc. Basically how it works is that you enter a T-Disc, a cute name for pods, and press the big button. This machine simply reads the bar-code and knows what to make. The ease of use of Tassimo is probably the best part about this machine. Because all you do is insert the T-Disc, and press go. Granted that you have already filled up water in the tank, you should have your cup of hot drink in about a minute (that’s fast). Tassimo folks sent us two sample packages out of which one was a Starbucks Cappuccino. The quality of the coffee was just as good as the one that you get at store, and if you look at the price compared to the store, it is significantly cheaper. Well at least the first 8 cups were free, but you can get a cup of Starbucks cappuccino for roughly $1.28, or you can get a generic cappucino that is pretty good itself for $0.75 / disc. Yup, if you are a hopeless Starbucks addict like us, you have a new expense. (P.S. We wish Santa sends us more Starbucks Cappuccino Primo Discs)…. Anyone that does sent us these discs will get a Twitter mention from our account (DM us for address)

The second best part about Tassimo is it’s ability to clean itself. They provide a cleaning disc that has it’s own barcode (this one is reusable), and the machine will automatically rinse itself with hot water and sterilize itself. No Mess, No nothing. Its a plug and play game.

Tassimo at Work

How to Win?

Well this was the best Christmas Present that we got, and we have an option to send one of these awesome Tassimo Brewbot to 1 lucky reader. Like all of our previous contests, this will be a twitter exclusive giveaway, and it is only available for U.S Residents only. To enter the contest simply tweet:

I love #WordPress and Coffee, so I want a #Tassimo BrewBot from @wpbeginner – (RT to Enter)

Note: You may modify the tweet as long as you mention (@wpbeginner and #tassimo hastag with a link to this post).

Make sure that you are following @wpbeginner on twitter, so we can send a Direct Message to notify the winners.

Winner for this contest will be chosen randomly, and we will announce the winner on Thursday, December 16th, 2010 at 11 a.m EST Because it is crunch time, and we want to be able to ship this thing out asap, we will require the winner to respond within 6 hours after we notify them. If we do not hear a reply, we will pick another winner.

Tassimo T20 Brewbot normally costs $129, but during this special you can purchase it for $104.99, and get two free packs of coffee. Use this link for discount:

Our Sincere Thanks to Tassimo

We want to thank @larakulpa and @tassimotaster for sending us this awesome machine. You guys should follow them for other cool giveaways that they might do in the future. For more information regarding Tassimo Brewbot visit: Official Website