7 Coin Master Tips & Tricks [No Hacks] 2019

coin master tips and tricks [no hacks] 2019

The Ultimate coin master tips and tricks To Get Free Coins & Spins

Since millions of players are playing coin master from all over the world, by the end of this year this game has reached to the top in the most played games all over the globe. Being an online strategy game, there is a stiff competition all over the globe to get on the top of the leader board.

Obviously to be in the top race of the game, your strategies should be powerful but what along that? You need a good deal with spins as well as coins. But lack of coins and spins often lead to a situation when either you have to spend real money or rely on fake generators of coins and spins.

Hence in this article you will learn the most legitimate tips to earn coins and spins genuinely in the game. But before that it must be clear to you that coin and spin generation with generators is utterly a fake technique! It is a popular technique to earn money and fool people into believing that it is actually hacking in to the database of the game. Like seriously? Is it that easy to hack into the database of such a popular game! Hence rather than relying on such tools and all you need to figure out ways for yourselves. We will just boost this with tips that you can follow to get it more easily.

Tip-1: Storing your income? Never do that!

This is a virtual game and not a real world. Hence people should not believe in saving. Actually there are robbers all over the place hunting for treasures. Hence if you try to save the treasure you may actually end up losing it. Earning and spending the amount is the ultimate tip for winning this game.

Tip-2: You may adjust the time clock:

 When you are short of resources you can simply go to your clock setting and move the time forward by necessary amount of time.

Tip-3: Using your spins after 10 hours

Storing your spins for 10 hours is an amazing idea. 5 to 10 spins usually lead you to nothing. But over a period of hours when the spins get collected, you end up earning more chances of betting and hence a better deal. Around 60 spins also provide you a better opportunity to rob the other villages. An important point to notice is that never that this time slot of 10 hours go more. You will simply waste time and get nothing out of it.

You can check about more interesting trick and tips for coin master game. Check out coin master hack.

Tip-4 Never miss out the daily bonus:

Always remember that daily bonuses are a vital part of the game as they can sometimes surprisingly lead you to a treasure. It also keeps the thrill of the game alive in players which is the basis of its presence. Up to 50 million coins can be earned in daily bonuses. And trust me they are not completely random, it benefits you if you are doing genuinely good in the game.

Tip 5:  Proper feeding of the pet

It is not a philosophy but the player in the game sometimes gets benefit from it. In case of a raid the pet can usually dig 3 but in case of a proper fed pet, it can dig 4 hence getting more treasure.

Tip 6: Watching the promotional videos

This is a way of watching a video and in return getting a spin. You may get ads in between the game for watching promotional videos. Promotional videos sometimes give you spins or coins. The best part is they are never too long or boring ones. At maximum you have to watch 30 seconds.

Tip 7: Raid

How can one forget about raid! Although it may sound simple but the point is that building a proper strategy before the raid is the key point. As mentioned in the beginning you cannot trouble yourself by saving your income. Robbers are all there who will loot your house soon as you move somewhere. Hence invest the amount well to equip yourselves with the resources to make the raid more successful.

For example buying good food -> feeding your dog -> more power to the dog -> More digging ->More treasure.

Final words:

This was all about the ultimate tips for coin master. You’ll see yourselves that you can earn a large amount of coins by using these tips. The tricks are created by trying different possibilities of the game. The main part is they will definitely work. You can experiment this on your own game. It is better to rely on these tricks and tips rather than working with fake tools that simply kill time and hopes. Any comments will be appreciated in below. If you like this blog than share it with your coin master friends so that everyone can benefit.

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