Convert Metric to Imperial Units in WordPress with Unit Converter


Given the international scope of the web, if you have a WordPress blog that uses lots of measurements then this article is for you. Although you could manually convert all of the measurements by yourself, it is much easier to use the Unit Converter Plugin for WordPress.

To get started go ahead and download this plugin. Once you have it installed and activated you will want to configure the plugin settings. Notice, however, that there is no options page in your admin panel. In order to make changes we will have to edit the plugin file found at /wp-content/plugins/unit-converter.php. Don’t worry though, this isn’t as hard as it sounds and we will walk you through it.

First though, we should understand what Unit Converter Plugin for WordPress does. Essentially, it takes any measurement found in your blog and converts it to the metric or non-metric equivalent. You have two options when it comes to displaying the conversions. Either you can use the mouseover technique or you can have it displayed in brackets after the original measurement. In order to switch these go to line 31 in the unit-converter.php file. and change

  $display_mode = 'mouseover';  


  $display_mode = 'parentheses';  

Download the Unit Converter Plugin for WordPress here