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Often when you purchase a WordPress theme, it comes with usually one theme that has some configurable items through the WordPress backend. Some theme providers like Themify are now putting a creative touch by selling numerous color variations with one theme purchase, so you can use the same theme (different colors) for different sites. But that still does not give you a lot of control because you are getting one theme with pre-defined color variations. The folks over at Catalyst theme are providing a rather unique touch for their users. When you purchase Catalyst, you get 22 different skins in addition to the main theme for the price of just one theme. Now these skins are more than just color variations. In this article, we will give you an overview of the Catalyst Theme which comes pre-equipped with 600 No-Coding Design option that lets you create your own skins in a matter of minutes.

You have the option to customize everything from your header, wrap, body, navigation, content, sidebar, widgets, breadcrumb, author, and everything until the footer. Below is an example of the admin panel:

Catalyst Admin Screenshots

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Just by having this feature, Catalyst theme is a perfect theme for any affiliate marketer or blogger who is thinking about launching products. You can pretty much create custom landing pages, and entire sites without knowing how to code. Aside from this, you also get other cool features such as:

The Most Comprehensive Font Control Offered In A WordPress Theme!

Catalyst Theme is fully integrated with the Google Font Directory API, giving you loads more choices for web-safe typography on your sites. There is universal font control option along with custom override option to have custom fonts just for specific things.

Full SEO Optimization

Catalyst provides all the SEO options that any theme needs. However we recommend that you use WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast.

A Custom CSS Building Tool That Writes Custom Code For You!

You don’t have to worry about writing CSS, you just need to know what you want and how to copy/paste the automatically-generated code out of the CSS Builder and into the appropriate slot in your site.

There are bunch of other features that you can find on the Catalyst Theme Website.

Below are the demos of some of the Catalyst Theme Skins

Catalyst Theme Demos

You can create a skin of yours within a matter of few minutes.

Catalyst theme has two packages Personal license that goes for $97 and the Developer edition for $174. If you are one of those users who want to have an ability to easily modify the look and feel of your site without writing a single line of code, then Catalyst Theme is for you.

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