Display Time of Scheduled WordPress Posts with Scheduled Time Plugin


If you have bigger sites with multiple authors or even a smaller site but you like to schedule your posts in advance then you have probably realized that WordPress only tells you the day that you have scheduled and not the exact time. If you have multiple posts scheduled for the same day though, it can be useful to know the precise timing. Jeff at WPTavern talked about a quick way of doing this by hovering over the date with your mouse cursor which will display a tooltip with the time. Although this is a useful trick you can also use the Scheduled Time Plugin for WordPress.

In order to get started go ahead and download the plugin. Once you have activated it go and look at your posts display. If you have any posts scheduled for publishing you should see something like this:

Scheduled Time for WordPress

As a cool little extra it displays published, scheduled, draft, pending review, and trashed posts in different colors.

Download Scheduled Time Plugin for WordPress