Eject System – Increase efficiency with our reliable vacuum pumps


Eject System is one of the leading vacuum pump manufacturers in India, specializing in oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps and oil lubricated vacuum pumps. Along with that, the company also offers superior quality water chillers manufactured in Ahmedabad. Eject System has been catering to various industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, packaging, food processing, and plastics for over three decades.

Eject System offers a wide range of vacuum pumps like the oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump. These pumps are suitable for a lot of applications like filling machines, food packaging, and printing presses. The OPV series of oil lubricated vacuum pump come with a capacity range from 15m³/hr to 160m³/hr. The pumps are designed to withstand tough industrial conditions and are low maintenance.

Boost productivity and minimize costs with our premium quality chillers

The vacuum pumps offered by Eject System are equipped with the latest technology that ensures longevity and durability of the products. The company also offers individualized solutions for the specific needs of different clients. The products are manufactured under strict quality control measures to meet industry standards.

Eject System also well-known water chiller manufacturer in Ahmedabad that manufactures and supplies premium quality water chillers. These chillers are efficient, low maintenance, and cost-effective. The chillers come in different sizes and are used for cooling and chilling water in various industrial applications.

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