Exclusive Giveaway: Get VIP Access to Try the HelloBar for FREE


WPBeginner is proud to announce another amazing giveaway on our site for this week. This is rather an unusual giveaway, and a lot different from the past ones we have run. We are giving away VIP Access to try the CLOSED BETA version of “the HelloBar” for FREE. There are NO Random Drawings, NO Limits on Winners. All WPBeginner users can have access to this amazing application. All you have to do is Like Our Facebook Page. If you are already part of our Facebook Community, simply look in the EXCLUSIVE tab.

What the Heck is the HelloBar?

HelloBar is a web application powered by WordPress for WordPress and non-WordPress users. HelloBar adds a little bar that gets noticed and increases conversion on your page. Now this could be done with a simple jQuery, but HelloBar offers a lot more than that. They have a well-designed easy to use application which allows you to monitor your performance using their powerful statistics system. Their simple user interface allows you to quickly edit your HelloBar in seconds (so easy that even a beginner can do it). You can manage and create as many HelloBars as you want. And the last cool part is that this is a Closed BETA program which means it is INVITE ONLY. But our friends over at HelloBar have agreed to give ALL of our users invites as long as you are willing to give it a try.

Creating a HelloBar

Look in the image above, how easy it is to create the bar. You can either create a manual text, or you can use your Feed to display dynamic text. We know a lot of you were asking us about the Trending Topic thing on our site. Well this can be one of the ways that you can do it.

HelloBar Statistics

You can see which HelloBar is the best on your site. You can test different phrases and headlines to see which increases conversion. A great for any product type site that is selling something (hint: you can add coupon codes in there)

HelloBar Management

Got multiple sites? Not a problem. Create as many HelloBars as possible. You can even reuse the same one across numerous sites. Turning it off is as easy as one checkbox.

For WordPress sitess, there is a plugin that you can install and activate in a matter of seconds. For non-WordPress sites, there is an easy embed code that you can copy and paste.

To see a Live Demo of HelloBar visit their official site.

This is a *Limited Time DEAL*, so hurry up and get your invite right now. All you have to do is go on our Facebook Fan Page, and click the Like Button. If you are already part of WPBeginner’s Facebook Community, then just visit the exclusive tab and you will get your key.

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