Experience unmatched quality and precision with Thermochem industrial furnaces


Industrial furnaces are important equipment used for different heat treatment processes in many industries. Choosing the right furnace manufacturers is crucial for any business’ success. If you’re looking for high-quality industrial furnaces that match your business needs, Thermochem Furnaces Pvt Ltd has got you covered. With years of experience and expertise, Thermochem team of professionals strives to offer the best quality industrial furnaces available on the market.

Thermochem Furnaces Pvt Ltd manufactures the best quality aluminium annealing furnace. Their furnaces come with a digital control system that ensures accuracy in temperature and time-control. This system ensures bell type furnace provides consistent and uniform annealing. Their furnaces use different types of fuel, such as gas, oil, or electricity, depending on the customer’s requirement. They also come with a high-speed blower, which ensures fast cooling of the aluminium material.

Trust for innovative, energy-efficient furnace solutions

Thermochem Furnaces Pvt Ltd pusher type furnace provides the most efficient way to heat treat parts in batch quantities. The electrically driven pusher system loads and pushes the work through the heating chamber at a variable speed. This results in uniform heating of the product and a consistent heat treatment process. The furnace contains energy-efficient heating systems and high-quality insulation, which ensures fast heating and uniform temperature.

Roller hearth furnaces are primarily used in heat treating flat and long products. Thermochem Furnaces Pvt Ltd offers roller hearth furnaces that are ideal for high-temperature heat treatment. Their furnaces come with advanced control systems that provide accurate temperature control and uniform heat distribution. Their roller hearth furnaces have a fixed hearth where the product travels on rollers through the furnace tunnel. The furnaces are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


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