Destiny Xur Location – Find Where is Xur, Today, This Week


Destiny Xur Location - Find Where is Xur, Today, This Week

You must know about the Xur if you have played the game “Destiny.” Everyone keeps on asking where is xur? As the weekly merchant has always got something useful. He can now be caught as he appears all over the map. He is over the Titan, and there is also an icon which would help you to track him. You would be able to find him across a small room. This room is present around the East of the Rig.

As usual, the destiny xur location has got some new weapons that you can use to gear yourself up with the more useful armor or is it even worth to give him your legendary shards in trade of the inventory he has.

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Destiny xur location today, 31st August to 4th September

Xur has returned, and you can find him around the vendor EDZ. He has got some new stock which you can use by yourself. Here Is the list of the following stock he is selling.

  • xur this week is selling the Prometheus Lens. There is one of a kind energy weapon rifle along, that can be bought by spending 29 legendary shards. If you find this useful, you can opt, or there are a few more options left with you.
  • By spending 23 legendary shards, you would be able to buy the knucklehead radar. The list also has the hunter helmet which can be very useful to you. However, then, At this time the price of all the inventories are nearly the same, you should consider everything before spending your precious legendary shards.
  • For another 23 shards, you can equip yourself with the Ashen wake. This much shards can buy Titan gauntlets. Still, you have another option to go with.
  • Vesper of Radius, It can be bought with 23 shards. The warlock Helmet can be extremely useful to you.

In addition to this, getting to the xur location can also get you 31 legendary shards if you buy three coins from him. If you are still not convinced about this how about the fated Engram that you can buy from 97 legendary shards? You can also get the five swords that he is willing to sell you. The only condition is that you would have to find him. The map is showing his location, and you can go to him if this inventory is of your interest.

You can find more information about this through this link. You would get all the stats that you require.

The Original story : Destiny Xur Location

Everyone is interested in the location of xur today as the Guardians want to equip themselves up with the new weapons and tools that he sells. Xur keeps appearing in the game to sell these legendary tools in the exchange of shards. The new guardians joining the game have also come to know about him. Also, this month the play station has announced that the game Destiny 2 would be made free with the plus games.

Destiny 2 forsaken will arrive is all set for a release and it will provide major upgrades to almost every scenario of the game. For now, the agent of the nine is returning with his new stock. The new exotic stock can lure out between August 31st to September 4TH. You would have to spend your legendary shards, and you are all set to get some useful items from his inventory.

If you want to be precise about the arrival of the agent, you can check 7 pm CET, 6 pm BST, 1 pm EST and 10 am EST.

If you are looking for him, then you must know that he will appear around the four zones of the European dead zone, Nessus, lo, and Titan.

Sometime back, the probability of the Xur appearing was in the Patrol Zone. However, it suddenly changed to the Mars from the Mercury as the flashpoint was there on Mars too.

You have to stay updated about Where’s Xur? is selling this week, and you can get your hands on some cool stuff. Here is what he was selling last week.

What was Xur selling between 24 August to 28 August

Xur was selling the following inventory last week which could be of your use

  • For 29 legendary shards, he was selling energy weapon gun, submachine riskrunner
  • For 23 legendary shards, he was selling hunter chest armorOphidiaSpathe
  • For another 23 shards, he was selling the titan leg armor, Mk 44 Stand asides.
  • For 23 more shards, he was selling warlock helmet, the eye of the world.

Like every week Xur was selling five swords, along with the three coins which cost 31 legendary shards and fated Engram which cost 97 legendary shards back then.

The changes Xur come across after : Where is Xur

With the new update, Xur has hit another level of coolness. With the help of the new update, Xur can sell more legendary equipment including the following

  • You can now add new shards every week as Xur is always into selling new Fated Engrams. Every week this can add up some new exciting and exotic things to your collection, and you can use them.
  • Three coins every week that can make the exotic rates fall for four hours.
  • Now, there is no need to re-apply before every boss. There are no unknown stacking mechanics now.
  • You can have as many shards as you like as these cost you just the shards.

How to acquire legendary shards to buy new inventory? whereisxur

Earlier Xur used to take strange coins as a currency, but now, legendary shards have replaced it to his currency. You can get your hands on these legendary shards too. Just follow the points below to get these legendary shards and to know wheres xur.

  • You can get 2 Shards dismantling the armor or the legendary weapon
  • You can get ten legendary shards if you disassemble exotic armor or weapons.
  • At a rare rate, you can get them with the strike bosses
  • You can get them with the weekly nightfalls
  • Find them at the various flashpoints
  • You can rarely find them at the planetary chests
  • Find them at the lost sector chests
  • You can get them at the raid chests
  • You can find these at the raid encounters

If you don’t have enough shards to buy the Xur’s stock, then you should be quickly collecting them as the Xur’s inventory wouldn’t be around for too long. So for this, look at the points above and start earning the shards.

You need to make it quick before the vendor mysteriously vanishes off the town which happens at 6 PM every Tuesday now and including the weekly game reset. Find Destiny Xur Location on every weekend. Please bookmark this page for upcoming locations.