Best Ways To Get Free Nintendo Eshop Codes & 3ds Wiiu Codes

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When it comes to tv or handheld consoles, Nintendo has been a part of every household with kids from a long time ago. Not to mention the classic video games like Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, which took the world by storm and continue to do so till today with their newer iterations.

Now you probably own the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U or the latest Nintendo Switch and frequent the Nintendo eShop a lot. The chances that you have seen emails, videos or ads about free eShop codes are pretty high. There isn’t anything wrong about it. A few free Nintendo eShop codes earned legitimately can go a long way into saving some of your money and considering that you are supporting the company by purchasing their consoles and buying other products through their online shop, we would say that you are entitled to a few freebies.

What do you get with Nintendo eShop codes?

The Nintendo eShop codes add funds to your Nintendo account so you can purchase any game, streamed videos, applications and products. Keep in mind that the codes you use can be applicable on your account across as many devices as you’d like. But all those devices must have your account enabled on them. Another thing to mention is that eShop cards which give you the codes for funds are region specific. So, if you happen to buy a card for a code but you mentioned the wrong region while purchasing it then chances are that when you go to redeem it in the eShop, it will show an error and no funds will be given to you. Nintendo has no refund policy so be very careful.

Why use the codes in the first place?

It is easier and more economical to use the eShop codes and that is why Nintendo themselves have been pushing to propagate their content and products digitally through their shop.

Buying through the shop leads to lower prices as buying through retailers can cost you more money by adding their own taxes. Not to mention you will save money on your own transportation costs by avoiding going around looking for games and products.

Different ways to get free eShop codes

Now that we have told you the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ let us move on to the ‘how’. By the ‘how’ we mean how to get free eShop codes. There are a number of ways you can get yourself some sweet free Nintendo eShop cards or codes.

(Warning!! – Becareful of getting scammed or phished. A lot websites and third party applications pretend to give you eShop codes in exchange for your card and account numbers but they will take your personal information and rob you of your money. Other phishing sites take your personal information and sell them to companies and give you fake codes which never work or can get your Nintendo account banned. There are also other websites and applications which are actually viruses and can cause harm to your system if you visit those websites or install those programs. We urge you to be very careful and only visit those websites and use those programs which are verified by other users and reviewers). is a website where you can earn points by completing various surveys and advertised offers, by watching ads as much as you can and also by completing the daily offers. You can complete all these tasks through either the android or iOS applications or directly through your browsers on your desktops or laptops after creating an account with them.

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The points can be earned at a good rate based on how many high paying surveys you complete or ads you watch each day. The more points you have the higher the value of the eShop code you can exchange it for. You also have daily bonuses depending in the country you live in. Countries in USA and Europe are more likely to have a higher number of better offers. You can also earn points faster by inviting more people to join, even if they don’t use it for 3ds eShop codes. You earn 1 point for every 10 they earn, so this can lead to a pretty good amount of points if you refer this website to a lot of friends and family.

Once you earn the points you can directly convert them to eShop codes of various tiers. The time it takes for you to get the codes can vary depending on where you live but be assured that you will receive your free eShop codes for your hard-earned points. offers you only trusted surveys and advertisements and does not misuse the information you give them. They have an excelling rating on by a lot of reviewers who have used this website to earn free codes for various games and services.

If you are a frequent shopper on you probably are an Amazon wallet user and a have a prime membership. You can use this to your advantage as prime members can get deals during the mega sale events held by Amazon which might include free gift cards, which in turn can be used to purchase the Nintendo eShop codes. So, in a way the codes you get are actually free Nintendo eShop codes. Also, Amazon gives their frequent users a lot of cashbacks for the various purchases they make and this fills their amazon wallet with digital money. If you use Amazon wallet as well, then once you have enough money you can use that currency to purchase some Nintendo eShop cards.

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Another way you could get free eShop codes from Amazon is if someone gifts you Amazon gift cards. We hope you are lucky enough to have loving family and friends who will shower you with some cards!!

Follow reddit and other dedicated online communities

We recommend the reddit thread dedicated to Nintendo codes and deals.

Following the reddit community is great way of keeping up with the latest deals on Nintendo games, consoles and eShop cards.

You might come across deals of buying a bundle of eShop cards for the price of one. This way you can get some free eShop cards by paying for one of them and getting the rest for free.

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There are other deals where some retailers will offer free Nintendo eShop cards along with purchases of consoles or physical copies of games from them. So, if you are looking to buy or gift someone a new console or some games, you can earn yourself some free 3ds eshop codes too.

These kinds of deals may be local or in other regions away from your area, so it is a good idea to always keep a check on the reddit thread and threads of other active online communities.

Online Giveaways

Yes, we know. This is a cheesy method and not to mention that this is a completely luck based method. But at least it is legal. If you follow a lot of gaming or tech based channels you might be lucky to win one of their contests. Nintendo themselves or other companies who retail Nintendo products, might sponsor the youtubers you follow to conduct giveaways. So, join as many giveaways as you can on Youtube and other websites to increase your chances and who knows, you might just end up with a whole lot of free eShop codes.

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