Get Twitter Followers in Exchange of Downloadable Files in WordPress


Have you seen a site where you are asked to join an email list in order to access their free e-book or another product. Well, that is getting old very fast. More and more people subscribe and unsubscribe right after the download because they want to receive spam emails. Well, Tweet and Get It plugin is here to offer an alternative which allows you to get twitter followers and a tweet in exchange of downloadable files (ebooks, plugins, other goodies).

First thing you need to do is install and activate Tweet and Get It plugin. Refer to our step by step guide to installing a WordPress plugin.

Once you activate a plugin, a new tab will be added “Tweet and Get It”. Click on Create a New Button. Fill out the information for your twitter account, the tweet you want people to tweet before downloading, attach the file and click create button.

Create a Button - Tweet and Get It

You can add this button in your post using the shortcode. You can find the shortcode for a specific button when you go on Manage Buttons screen.

Manage Buttons - Tweet and Get It

Once you add it in the post, then a button will be added. When the user clicks on the button to download the file, they will be required to follow you on twitter and tweet the required tweet before they can access the downloadable files.

Download Tweet and Get It Plugin and test it out for yourself.