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Dear WPBeginner Users,

Uzzz Productions have been slammed with a major financial obstacle due to this recession. After having a group meeting with all WPBeginner editors, Uzzz Productions staff, and our financial manager, we have decided to pull the plug on this project. April will be the last month, you will see new articles on WPBeginner, and this will be the last month that we will provide our Free WordPress Blog Setup service. We will continue to provide support on all previous articles until the end of April, 2010. After April, all old articles will stay alive as a database for others to use, but we will not provide any more support or new content.

This was a tough decision, but after analyzing our profit/loss report, it seems that WPBeginner is taking up more time than we can spend. We have been providing free support for every user that emails us. While that was an ideal goal to make things free, it was not sustainable.

We are giving ourselves more time to figure out a better solution by delaying the kill date to April 30, 2010. During this time, all options will be considered including selling the site, or putting more adverts on the site. If this trouble continues, then we will have to do the unthinkable (Shutdown this site).

How you can save WPBeginner?

Recommend your friends to our site, so we can have higher traffic. This will convince advertisers to advertise on our site.

You can join our Twitter community and our Facebook community. Sharing our articles in social media networks will bring more exposure to WPBeginner, which will help us get more advertisers.

Buy Products from one of our partners using our link (who will then pay us a commission which will certainly help a lot). These products will also help you in blogging, so it is a win win situation.

– OIOPublisher
– Aweber
– Market Me Tweet
– Gravity Forms
Studiopress Themes
– Digging Into WordPress – eBook
– Almighty Thesis Theme

Last but definitely not least, you can make a generous donation (every penny counts) to subsidize our operating cost.

Warm Regards,
WPBeginner Editorial Staff (Syed, Amanda, Zain, Muhammad, and David)

Was that convincing enough?? Nah guys, we are always here. This is an April Fools Post. Don’t want to get you guys pissed thinking that we manipulate April Fools Day for money. Although all your donations and support is still welcomed :)

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