Google Plus for Business with Chris Brogan and Guy Kawasaki


This was the first session at BlogWorld LA 2011. So we all know Google+ is out with a buzz. Btw: Follow me on Google+. It was a full house just because of the celebrity status of these two speakers.

So you are probably wondering how the heck can you use Google Plus for business when they don’t even have the business page. If you have a business page as a person, then you get banned. So they started with that. The idea behind this whole panel was that you help your business through your own personal brand. Chris even said that think of the business page as a business card. Just because you don’t have a business card doesn’t mean that you stop networking.

Also why the heck do you need Google+ when you have Facebook, twitter etc? Whats the difference? Guy suggested that facebook is for friends and family and new and existing relationships, google plus is to find people who share your passions that you don’t know yet.

Well Guy Kawasaki started by expressing his sincere dislike of Facebook’s Edgerank system. He did not like the fact that facebook just chooses to limit who sees your content. With Google+ there is no such thing like that. Guy says twitter doesn’t have a good way of keeping track of mentions. Guy showed his love about notifications of Google+ that it sends via gmail. My suggestion to Guy is that Twitter has the ability to turn on email notifications on every mention. Although yes there is a lot of mention SPAM, so I can see how that will get out of control.

Both of these industry leaders were totally in love with the Google+ hangout feature. Heck, they inspired me to do one for WPBeginner. Will you be interested in that?

One of the huge advantage for using Google+ that Chris Brogan suggested was SEO. Google+ listings are 100% indexed as long as it is made to public. Second, +1 affect your site’s rank in SERPs for those who follow you. Google is attempting to fully integrate their social network within their search algorithm. Chris also teased some exciting features that are coming.

I have been using Google+ a little bit, but not as much as I should be. What are your thoughts about that?

Also, if you would like to watch the entire session or any of the other BlogWorld sessions you may do so at Blog World Expo

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