Greet Each User with an Appropriate Message in WordPress with WP Greet Box


Often you see sites with annoying pop-ups that ask users to subscribe to their email newsletter. Our users do not appreciate that, so there comes a question how do you get your users attention to something specific such as newsletter, or a twitter account. In this article we will show you a plugin called WP Greet Box, that will let you greet each user individually and appropriately by sending a different message depending on the referral URL they came from.

For Example, if someone saw your link on twitter and opened it, you will have a welcome message on your post that will say: Hello, fellow twitter user, thanks for visiting our site. If you like this post, please retweet it (Retweet Link) and follow us on twitter if you like.

Now you have just added another twitter follower without annoying the user with a popup. Below are some screenshots of how this plugin looks:

This plugin is resourceful and you should definitely try it. If you are trying it, please post your comment with your thoughts and help others make the right decision.

Download WP Greet Box