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GTA 5 is one of the most successful games of the Grand Theft Auto series and is becoming a new sensation in the role-playing games. Once you start to play with the game, it’s hard to leave it. The role-playing game has some brilliant graphics and comes in different story modes. GTA 5 Cheats xbox (one/360) has a new feature that if you are not able to clear the mission frequently three times, then the game allows you to pass it. Many of the players play it to roam around rather than completing the missions. Gta 5 Xbox cheats add up more spice to the game and are a treat for the people with this mindset. The game features some of the amazing cheat codes that can be used to create a whole new way to the adventure.

The game is more fun when its played on the X Box, and it opens the door for a breathtaking experience when its played with GTA v cheats Xbox 360. There are different types of cheat codes which can fetch your bike, car and even a gun. These cheat codes can also save you from the police when you are at the edge of getting busted. So here is the list of the gta5 cheats Xbox that can help you to play the game more aggressively.

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GTA 5 cheats Xbox one & Xbox 360

Weapon Cheat

If you want to get weapons to kill those shooting police officers, then pick the console and press

{{ Y>>>> RT >>>> Left >>>> LB>>>>A >>>> Right >>>>  Y >>>> Down >>>> X >>>> LB >>>> LB >>>> LB }}

Just remove the opening and closing curly braces and you are all set to get that amazing armor.

Make your game faster by using the following cheat codes

Run Faster

Speed up your running capabilities by hitting the following cheat code. The cheat code can be applied to any character.

{{ Y>>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> LT >>>> LB >>>> LB >>>> A }}

This code would help you to run faster than the cops.

Swim faster

Stuck on an island in between? Use this code to swim faster to get out of that lonely place

{{ Left>>>> Left >>>> LB >>>> Right >>>> Right >>>> RT >>>> Left >>>> LT >>>> Right

Use the cheat code to escape from the huge water bodies present in the game. Just be aware of those jelly fishes in between or you will ben dead out of the shocks.

Get the right gun for yourself

Explosive Melee

Want to kill some people using a melee? Try the cheatcode bellow and you will love to fire people up with this.

{{ Right>>>> Left >>>> X >>>> Y >>>> RB >>>> B >>>> B >>>> B >>>> LT }}

Explosive Rounds

Here is how you can have fun with those explosive rounds. Try the cheat below

{{ Right>>>> A >>>> X >>>> Left >>>> RB >>>> RT >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> Right >>>> LB >>>> LB >>>> LB }}

Flame Rounds

Why not try something new now? What about the flame rounds. Here is how it will appear in your character’s hand

{{ LB>>>> RB >>>> Left >>>> RT >>>> RB >>>> Left >>>> A >>>> Right >>>> LB >>>> LB }}

Player Tweaks

Drunk Mode

Its wrong and illegal to drink in drive. But how about trying that in GTA 5? Try this and you will love it. Just try to keep that car right on the road track

{{ Y>>>> Right >>>> Right >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> X >>>> B >>>> Left }}

Use this cheat and have fun by getting that screen float here and there.


We all want to sky dive with a parachute. Well atleastits possible by trying it virtually with GTA 5. Try this out now

{{ Left>>>> Right >>>> LB >>>> LT >>>> RB >>>> RT >>>> RT >>>> Lest >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> RB }}

Wanted Level Raise

Okay, this one is for the people who would like to take more challenge by getting those cops after. Don’t get confused as this cheat would raise the level of the stars not decrease them. Hit that cheat below if you want to do that.

{{ RB>>>> RB >>>> B >>>> RT >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> Left >>>> Right }}

Decrease that wanted level

This one is the right one for you if your fingers are paining running away from the police. Just hit the cheatcode given below and all those cops will direct to their headquarters without harming you.

{{ RB>>>> RB >>>> B >>>> RT >>>> Right >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> Left }}

So use this cheatcode and live a peaceful life in GTA 5.

Restore Armor and Health of your character

There would be a scenario where your health would be too low that you will be dead even hit by a streetlight while walking. In that case, you would require health to survive that mission you are playing. In that case, cheat with the game by hitting the following cheat code on your X box Console

{{ B>>>> LB >>>> Y >>>> RT >>>> A >>>> X >>>> B >>>> Right >>>> X LB >>>> LB >>>> LB }}

So you have got the golden buttons to save your character’s life.

Environment change cheat codes

Weather Change Cheatcode

Live that nightlife whenever you want by using this following cheat code

{{ RT>>>> X >>>> LB >>>> LB >>>> LT >>>> LT >>>> LT >>>> A }}

So live your weather by using the cheat code.

Low Friction

So its time to turn down those laws of physics. Reduce the friction by using this following code.

{{ Y>>>> RB >>>> RB >>>> Left >>>> RB >>>> LB >>>> RT >>>> LB }}

Slow Motion

So time never stops? Well in GTA 5, this might not be the case. Slowdown that time, while everything else moves faster in reality

{{ Y>>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> A >>>> RT >>>> RB }}

Vehicle Cheat codes


Get that favourite bike back in action by hitting the cheat code below. The bike is pretty changed than you last rode it in the previous versions of Grand Theft Auto.

{{ RB>>>> Right >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> RT >>>> Left >>>> Right >>>> A >>>> Right >>>> LT >>>> LB >>>> LB

Stunt Plane

Now how about trying a plane? This one is a stunt plane absolutely crafted for your fancy mind, so get those fingers on the following buttons

{{ B>>>> Right >>>> LB >>>> LT >>>> Left >>>> RB >>>> LB >>>> LB >>>> Left >>>> Left >>>> X >>>> Y

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