Headway 2.0 – The Most Beginner Friendly WordPress Theme


Our friends over at Headway Theme has announced the new version 2.0 this morning. We had insights as the theme was being developed, and the new version is truly one of a kind. But let us get back to explaining why Headway is the most beginner friendly WordPress theme. Headway allows you to resize, rearrange, and add elements to your blog theme without editing a single line of code. Literally, it allows you to create new WordPress powered sites in a matter of few minutes. In our opinion, it does not do justice to define this theme in words, so here is the video. Watch it, and you will be convinced as well:

If you have watched the video, you can see whether you are a marketer, a new blogger, or someone just looking to create landing pages, Headway is a great theme. The best part is that it now even works with Multi-Site. Here is a list of new features:

  • Quick Start Wizard
  • Styles Manager
  • Column System for Leafs
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • SEO and Speed Optimization
  • WordPress Multi-Site Support

The bottom line with Headway is that you can create your blog designs visually in any imaginable structure with great SEO and site optimization without editing a single line of code. You are in FULL control as a beginner. Knowing Grant and Clay personally, we can vouch that there is a great group of people willing to help you and support you if you have any questions. There is also a great community that is willing to assist as well.

The only thing is that Headway costs $87, but it is worth every single penny. For the special launch, they are offering 30% discount if you use the coupon “woot“. The code is only good until this Friday (October 29th, 2010). Buy it now when it is $60 because you are not only paying for a great product, but life-time support as well.

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