How to add a fade away effect to your WordPress Tag Cloud


Recently, we were asked to review a plugin called Opacity Tag by its author George Gecewicz. Opacity Tags is a new plugin for WordPress that gives you an alternative to WordPress’ default tag cloud. Instead of the most popular tags being bigger in font size, the most popular tags are first in order and have nearly-full opacity. Then the least-popular tags gracefully fade away into the background. It’s really a nice effect and may look infinitely better than the default tag cloud depending on your design.

Opacity Tags Plugin

First thing you need to do is install and activate Opacity Tags. Once you activate the plugin, you will a new widget will be added to your Widgets area called Opacity Tags Tag cloud. This new widget lets you select font size, number of tags to display, pick the color you want. There is a neat color picker, so you can see what you are doing visually.

Opacity Tags Widget

If you want this sort of fade away effect for your WordPress tag cloud, then download Opacity Tags.

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