How to Add a Simple User Password Generator in WordPress


Using strong passwords is essential when it comes to WordPress security. Often we see that users use extremely easy to guess passwords like test123, demo123, or even changethis. In some cases this happens because the site administrator assigns that password when adding a new user to their WordPress site. Their hope is that users will change their password. However, most users don’t change such passwords simply because they are easy to remember and type. In the past, we have shown you how to force strong passwords as well as how to expire passwords in WordPress after a set period of time. If you run a WordPress site with multiple users, then you should encourage users to choose strong passwords. In this article we will show you how to add a simple user password generator in WordPress.

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First thing you need to do is to install and activate the Simple User Password Generator plugin for WordPress. Once activated, this plugin adds a “Generate Password” button to the “Add New User” page and edit users page. Clicking this button will generate a strong password for the new user. You can also check the box below to send this new password to the user.

Generate strong password button

This plugin also adds another option to “Add New User” page which enables you to remind users about changing their password. Checking this option will display a notification to the user when they sign in, reminding them that they are using an auto-generated password, and they can change it to something easier to remember.

notification to remind users to change auto generated password

When adding new users to a WordPress site, you must always choose strong passwords for them. If you are running a multi-author blog and you are in the habit of creating new users with a default password like “test123”, then you are putting your site at risk. We hope that this article will help you quickly generate a strong password for users on your WordPress site. We have even seen employers recommending their employees to use tools like LastPass or 1Password. Let us know how you generate password and encourage strong password for users on your site by leaving a comment below.

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