How to Add Google Pac-Man Game to Your WordPress Blog


Pac-Man is a classic game that mostly everyone who uses a computer has heard of and played before. Not too long ago, Google celebrated Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary by showing the Pac-Man doodle on its front page for 48 hours. It went viral because everyone found a connection to the game, and they played this addicting game for hours. Well, in this article, we bring you a way to add the Google Pac-Man Game in your WordPress blog post, or page for your users to have a little bit of fun.

First you have to download and install the WordPress plugin: Google Pac-Man for WordPress.

Create a Post or a Page, and title it whatever you like. In the post content, simply add the shortcode: [pacman]

The shortcode will automatically pull the game and display it on your site. It even has a multi-player option. This is a full 255 level game, so sometimes your user might end up spending hours on it. Yes, we know it’s a complete waste of time for your users, but it’s a fun waste of time, and it brings back some great memories.

Google Pacman in WordPress

Don’t forget to paste the instruction of playing in your post:

Use the arrow keys to move the pac-man around and click the link twice to include a 2nd player (which uses the A,S,W,D keys to move around).

What are you waiting for? Add this plugin and give your users an option to have some fun.

Google Pac-Man for WordPress

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