How to Add Live Stream in WordPress with Live Theme


Broadcasting live streams have always been the desire of many bloggers, but there was not a great theme to manage it in WordPress. Well that wait is over. We were informed by John Saddington of Standard Theme that they have created a new theme that focuses on live event broadcasting called Live Theme.

Live Theme Screenshot

Live Theme is a video-centric WordPress theme designed for live event broadcasting, community interaction, and all around awesomeness. Built on the codebase of Standard theme, this theme allows you to embed live video broadcasts from third-party services such as Ustream or Livestream. Prior to broadcasting an event, you can build up a hype by showing a prominent timer counting down to the moment of launch. Furthermore, you can encourage sharing by using the facebook area that recommends people to spread the word, and the animated twitter stream that captures pre-event chatters to keep the users engaged. You can also monetize the broadcasting with rotating “bumper” images that guides visitors to sponsors.

When you do go live with your broadcast, the countdown timer and the rotating bumpers fade out and the video stream fades in. Visitors can still continue to engage with each other via twitter around your #hashtag. Updatable tabbed pages supply information without interrupting your stream keeping the user on the same page. To further increase engagement, an optional photo stream area is available to photography captured during the event.

Live Theme has a very user friendly admin panel. Not only is it intuitive, it comes bundled with integrated plugins. The whole purpose of this theme is to be built-in ready to go therefore you should not lose hours of trial and error trying to find the perfect widgets. They’re already here built-in to save you time and effort.

Live Theme is a paid theme that costs $99 $79 for a Standard License and $149 $129 for a Support License if you use the exclusive coupon “WPBEGINNER20“.

Were you thinking about starting a broadcasting site? Well here is your opportunity to do it using WordPress. Get Live Theme Now.