How to Add Retweet Anywhere in WordPress


Since twitter announced it’s Twitter Anywhere Platform, developers have been working hard on implementing this API and taking advantage of twitter traffic. We incorporated some elements to WPBeginner such as the hovercard which you can see by bring your mouse to our twitter username: @wpbeginner. In our guide on How to Add Twitter Anywhere in WordPress, we showed a way to add a live tweet box with default text to your WordPress site. In this article, we will share a plugin which takes the live twitter box functionality to the next level by making it a live retweet box on your site. Developed by a very skilled WordPress developer named Konstantin who blogs at Kovshenin.com (@kovshenin).

What does this Plugin do?

It adds a live retweet button which utilizes the Twitter @anywhere live tweet box API and light box effect.

Retweet Anywhere in WordPress

Easy to follow Admin panel

Admin Area for Retweet Anywhere Plugin

To download this plugin simply visit the official Plugin Page:

Download Retweet Anywhere

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