How to Add Videos and More in WordPress Comments with oEmbed


Recently while browsing the WordPress plugin repository, we stumbled upon a pretty neat plugin that allows you to embed videos and more in WordPress comments by extending the oEmbed support. oEmbed in Comments plugin is created by Evan Solomon, a Growth Engineer at Automattic. For those of you who don’t know what oEmbed is, it allows you to easily embed videos, slides, and other services without dealing with the ugly embed codes. See our article on How to easily Embed videos in WordPress for more details.

Let’s go ahead and install and activate this plugin. Once you have activated it, that’s it. There is no settings page for this plugin.

Go to your comments and paste a Youtube Video URL. It will automatically embed that video. Check out the screenshot below:

oEmbed in Comments Screenshot

One of the biggest issue we noticed with this plugin is that it has no way to resize the videos. You are forced to use the same video width that you have in your post content. This can be an issue because most comment content areas are smaller than post content box. Secondly, if you have threaded comments, then there is an extra indentation that you have to account for. Aside from this, it seems like a pretty useful plugin for video bloggers. Because you can now have youtube style video responses on your own site.

Download oEmbed in Comments

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