How to Automatically Post New Instagram Photos to WordPress


Do you want to automatically post new Instagram photos to your WordPress site? Instagram is an influential platform that can be used to drive traffic to your website. In this article, we will show you how to automatically post new Instagram photos to WordPress.

Instagram and WordPress

Why Post Instagram Photos to WordPress?

Instagram allows people to discover new user accounts based on what they already like. Users can also explore profiles by hashtags, location, and sharing.

If you have just started on Instagram, then you may find it a bit slow to get followers. You need social proof to build traction.

Sharing your Instagram photos on your WordPress website works both ways. You can help users find you on Instagram. Once they start following you, then you can keep them engaged with your brand.

That being said, let’s take a look at how to easily and automatically post new Instagram photos to WordPress.

Method 1: Add Instagram Photos as a New Post in WordPress

This method is for users who want to create a new blog post displaying their latest Instagram photo.

First you need to visit IFTTT website and login or create a new account. IFTTT is an online tool that allows you to automate your social media and WordPress.

After you’re logged in, you need to click on My Applets » New Applet to get started.

Create new applet

First you need to click ‘+this’ and then locate Instagram to activate it.

This will bring up a popup where you will be asked to log in to your Instagram account and authorize IFTTT to access your account.

Authorize IFTTT to access Instagram

Next, you will be asked to choose a trigger. Click on ‘Any new photo by you’ to continue.

Choose trigger

After that you will see ‘If this then +that’ statement. Click on the +that to select what you want to do with the new photo.

On the next screen, locate WordPress to add it as the action service.

Choose WordPress as action service

IFTTT will now ask you to connect your WordPress site as a service. Clicking connect will bring up a popup where you need to enter your WordPress site’s URL, admin username, and password.

Connect WordPress

Next you need to select what action you want to take. You can either create a blog post with the new Instagram photo or a photo post.

Choose Action

After that you’ll be asked to map Instagram fields to your WordPress post. You can add tags, add custom caption, and more.

Map fields

Once you are done, click on the finish button to save your applet.

You can now post a new photo to your Instagram account, and it will be automatically posted to your WordPress site.

Instagram photo posted in WordPress

Method 2: Display Latest Instagram Photos on Your WordPress Site

This method is for users who just want to show their latest Instagram photos without creating new blog posts.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Instagram Feed plugin. For more details, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, the plugin will add a new menu item labeled Instagram Feed to your admin bar. Clicking on it will take you to the plugin’s settings page.

Get access token and user ID from Instagram

First you need to authenticate the plugin to access your Instagram profile. Click on the blue button to login and get the access token and user ID from Instagram.

You will be asked to log in to your Instagram account. After that you will need to authorize the WordPress plugin to access your Instagram account.

Authorize plugin to access Instagram data

On the modal popup, click on the authorize button to continue.

You will now be redirected back to the plugin’s settings page on your WordPress site with access key and user ID. Don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings.

Displaying Instagram Photos on Your WordPress Site

Instagram Feed makes it super easy to display your Instagram photos anywhere on your WordPress site.

Simply edit the WordPress post or page where you want to display your Instagram photos and add the following shortcode:


You can now save your changes and preview your post or page.

Instagram preview

You can change the number of columns by modifying the shortcode like this:

[instagram-feed cols=3]

You can also add shortcode to a sidebar widget to display your Instagram photos in the sidebar.

Instagram sidebar preview

Customizing Your Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed plugin also allows you to easily change the appearance of your photos.

Go to plugin’s settings page and then click on the ‘Customize’ tab.

Customize Instagram feed

Here you can change the feed’s height, width, layout, background color, and more.

We hope this article helped you automatically post new Instagram photos to your WordPress site. You may also want to see our list of the best social media monitoring tools for WordPress.

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