How to Easily Show a Page List with Thumbnails in WordPress


Most business websites primarily use pages for their content. Since pages are different than posts, you may need different ways to display them. In this article, we will show you how to easily add a page list with thumbnails in WordPress. We will also show you a way to display child pages and sibling pages as well.

A simple page list with thumbnails in WordPress

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Page-list plugin. It works out of the box, so there are no settings for you to configure.

Page-list comes with a shortcodes with an extensive list of parameters. Lets start by adding a plain list of all pages as a sitemap.

Simply create a new page in WordPress and add [pagelist] shortcode in it.

Displaying a simple page list on a sitemap page in WordPress

This shortcode will show a simple nested list of all your pages.

You can use this or any other shortcode in WordPress text widgets. If shortcodes do not work in widgets on your site, then you need to enable them. Add this line to your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific plugin.


Display Child Pages For a Parent Page in WordPress

Earlier we showed you different ways to display child pages on a parent page in WordPress. Page-list makes it easier for you to display child pages on a parent page.

All you need to do is add [subpages] shortcode on the parent page.

Displaying child pages on a parent page in WordPress

You can also use the shortcode inside a text widget. Check out how to show and hide widgets on specific WordPress pages.

Display Sibling Pages on a WordPress Page

Sibling pages are the child pages which share the same parent page. You can display sibling pages by using the [siblings] shortcode on a page or inside a widget.

Showing sibling pages for a WordPress page

Show Page List With Thumbnail and Excerpt

Page-list plugin comes with another shortcode [page_ext]. This shortcode offers extended features to display your page lists in WordPress.

You can use it to display a list of pages with featured image and excerpt. Like this:

[pagelist_ext show_image="1" image_width="50"]

You can adjust the image size by using the image_width parameter.

Showing a page list with thumbnail and excerpt

You can also control the excerpt length by using the limit_content parameter within the shortcode.

[pagelist_ext limit_content="100"]

If you don’t want to display the excerpt, then you can turn it off by using the show_content parameter with the shortcode.

[pagelist_ext show_content="0"]

For more advanced options, check out the full list of parameters that you can use with these shortcodes.

We hope this article helped you easily show a page list with thumbnails in WordPress.

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