How to Easily Upload Images from URLs in WordPress with Grab & Save


Isn’t it annoying when you link to an image’s URL only to have the image later removed? This is the downside of not having the image hosted on your own server. In order to upload the image, however, you usually have to download it first. Then you can either use FTP to upload the files to WordPress or you can use the built in WordPress image uploader. Either way, you have to spend precious time downloading the image first. This is where the Grab and Save WordPress Plugin comes in. It allows to you to upload images directly from the internet without having to download them first.

In order to get started go ahead and download Grab and Save plugin. Once you have it downloaded and activated you will notice that whenever you went to add an image to a post “Grab & Save” will be one of the options you have available to you.

Grab & Save

If you click on it you are taken to a screen where you just enter the URL of the image you would like to upload and Grab & Save will do the rest. So, now you can upload images directly simply by using their URL.

Download the Grab & Save WordPress Plugin here

Note: You should not be copying images from the web unless you have the proper permission. Also if you are using image that belongs to someone else, make sure you give proper attribution.

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