How to Get Word Count Stats in WordPress with Word Stats


When you first start your blog, you have no idea what it will become over the course of years. It is always interesting to see stats like total posts, total comments, etc. But recently we stumbled onto a pretty cool plugin that shows you the total word count of your blog along with numerous other stats. As you write a post, WordPress shows you the word count at the bottom of the post edit area, but there is no easy way to display that count in public or even in private. In this article, we will show you how to get the total word count stats in WordPress, so you can see word count for specific authors, specific post types, and more.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Word Stats plugin. Upon activation the plugin adds Word Stats link under Dashboard. Clicking on it will take you to the word count stats page.

Word Stats

The plugin will show you the total number of published words for each specific post type as well as individual author. You can also see the word count from a specific time period. It also shows you the most mentioned keywords in your articles along with showing you a really neat graph.

You can also see the Word Stats in your dashboard’s Right Now widget.

Word Stats Dashboard

On your post edit screen, this plugin expands the default Word count section with some very useful information. First, it gives you the readability score of your article. It also tells you the keyword frequency of each keyword which can be good for copywriters.

Word Stat Post

There is a settings page for Word Stats plugin which is pretty self explanatory. You can find it under Settings » Word Stats.

If you want to display the total word count stats on your site for your users, then simply go to Appearance » Widgets and drag-drop the Total Word Counts widget to the appropriate location.

Word Stats Widget

Once you do that, then the plugin will show the total number of words written on your site to all of your users. This can be a good bragging number for some of us writers.

We hope that this article helped you get the total word count stats in WordPress. Do you think that showing total word counts is useful or motivational? Let us know by leaving the comment below.