How to Keep Expanded Admin Menus in WordPress 3.3


In case you haven’t heard, WordPress 3.3 has changed the way admin menus are displayed. Instead of having optionally expandable menus WordPress 3.3 has turned them all into flyout menus. There is a debate in the WordPress community over whether or not this a good idea. Some people prefer the old layout. This is because users previously had the choice to decide which menu items they wanted to expand. Now that option is no longer available and in certain situations, like if you have a really long submenu, the new layout can be really hard to use. Fortunately there is a plugin available that will keep all of the menus expanded.

To get started install and activate Expanded Admin Menus Plugin. The plugin will automatically expand all of the menus in your admin panel.

Expanded Admin Menus

Once again, if you do not have really long submenus this may not be the best way to go, but for some of you this may be preferable to dealing with the new WordPress 3.3 flyout menus.

Download Expanded Admin Menus Plugin

Note: The JavaScript has to be supported in your browser for this to work (most modern browsers support JS).

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