How to List Category Posts in a WordPress Post or Page with Shortcode


Have you ever found a need to list the posts from a specific category on a specific post or a page? In the past, we have used custom page templates and hard coded a solution in. However, recently we have discovered a way that allows you to list category posts in WordPress Posts or Page with a shortcode.

First thing you need to do is install and activate the List Category Posts plugin. Once you have activated the plugin, you can simply use the shortcode anywhere in your post or page.

The shortcode is [catlist] which accepts numerous parameters. First and foremost it accepts the category name or ID parameter. Example would be like:

[catlist name=tutorials]

If you want multiple categories, its best to use the IDs. The shortcode would look like this:

[catlist id=7,24,32]

The shortcode accepts bunch of other parameters including tags, orderby, order, numberposts, date, author, excerpt, excludeposts, comments, thumbnail, custom fields, etc. The full list of parameters can be found in the Other Notes section of the plugin.

The plugin also has a widget for the sidebar that you can use by going to Appearance » Widgets.

Download List Category Posts

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