How To Prevent Skype From Overwriting/Hijacking Your WordPress


Have you ever created what you thought was the perfect contact page only to have Skype mess it all up by linking all of the phone numbers?

Skype Link

Well, if you are tired of that happening there are a couple ways you can fix it. Recently we discussed one method in our article how to fix Skype overwriting numbers in WordPress themes. If you don’t want to deal with the code, then you can just use the Prevent Skype Overwriting plugin. This plugin automatically disables this Skype feature in your WordPress themes.

To get started install and activatePrevent Skype Overwriting plugin. There is no options page so once you have activated it you are good to go. If you load up your website again the Skype phone number links should be gone. This plugin runs silently in background without affecting your site’s load time.

No skype phone

Download Prevent Skype Overwriting Plugin

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