How to Quickly Batch Delete Spam Comments in WordPress


Spam is a growing problem for all websites. Often WordPress sites receive a huge number of spam comments. Thankfully there are tools to combat comment spam in WordPress, like Akismet and CAPTCHA. A few months ago, Akismet went down for a few minutes, and we saw thousands of spam comments in our moderation queue. In this article, we will show you how to quickly batch delete spam comments in WordPress.

The quickest way to delete all spam comments is by clicking the Empty Spam button in WordPress. However when deleting hundreds or thousands of comments at once, this action may take too long, and it could also take down your web server.

batch delete spam comments

What we need is a nice way to handle the deletion process without causing too much burden on the server resources. Thanks to Pippin Williamson, there’s a better solution now.

All you need to do is install and activate the Batch Comment Spam Deletion plugin. There are no settings for the plugin to configure. Simply go to Comments » Spam and hit the Empty Spam button.

This plugin modifies the spam comment deletion process. Instead of deleting all spam comments at once, it processes them into batches and deletes 100 comments in a batch.

It will show you the deletion process as it goes on. Once it is done, you will be redirected to the comments page. This plugin reduces the load on your server while allowing you to swiftly clean your database from spam comments.

Batch processing the spam comment deletion

We hope this article helped you find a better way to delete spam comments from your WordPress site.

An effective strategy to fight spam comment bots is by using the honeypot technology, which tries to catch comment bots before they can submit any spam.

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