How to Record and Upload YouTube Videos Directly From WordPress


We always recommend our users to never upload videos directly to WordPress and instead upload them to YouTube or other video hosting services. Although Adding a YouTube video in WordPress is extremely simple, in this article we will show you how to record and upload YouTube videos directly from WordPress.

Video Tutorial


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Adding Video to YouTube Directly From WordPress

First thing you need to do is install and activate YouTube Upload Widget plugin. This plugin works out of the box, and there are not settings for you to configure. Simply create a new post in WordPress, and you will notice a YouTube button next to the media uploader button.

YouTube button in WordPress Visual Editor

Clicking on the YouTube button in your WordPress post editor will bring up a YouTube video uploader interface. Here you can provide your video a title, description, and add keywords. After that you can click on Record From Webcam button.

Record your video or browse YouTube videos to insert

You will be asked to sign into your YouTube account and choose which channel you would like to post your videos on. After that your browser will ask your permission to allow the web page to use your webcam and audio recording devices. You need to click on the Allow button to enable access to your computer’s webcam and audio device.

After that you will be able to record your video directly from WordPress. Once you are done recording, it will be uploaded to YouTube, and you will be provided with a URL which you can insert into your post.

If you want you can further configure your video by visiting your YouTube account. You can edit a video using the YouTube video manager and further customize how the video appear on YouTube. All the usual YouTube features will still be available from your YouTube account.

Using YouTube and WordPress Together

If you are a video blogger, or video content plays an important role on your site, then you would want to make sure that your YouTube videos look great. To do that you can make your videos responsive in WordPress with Fitvids. You can also turn off related YouTube videos so that users don’t get to see third party video content from your site. Lastly, you can even add thumbnails for YouTube videos in your WordPress site. All these things together would help you create a professional looking, robust, and highly engaging website.

We hope this article help you record and upload YouTube videos directly from WordPress. For questions and feedback you can leave us a comment below or you can join us on Twitter.