How to Send A Custom Welcome Email to New Users in WordPress


Every new user who registers for your WordPress site receive an email containing their username and password. However when using WordPress for membership sites, you can use the initial email to deliver a more useful message to your new users. In this article, we will show you how to send a custom welcome email to new users in WordPress.

Why You Should Send a Custom Welcome Email to Your WordPress Users?

When a new user joins your site, there are probably many things that they don’t know about your website. A custom welcome email message can be used to introduce them to the features available to them. You can point them to different sections of your website, highlight your other products, offer exclusive discounts, and more.

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How to Send a Custom Welcome Email to New Users

First thing you need to do is install and activate SB Welcome Email Editor plugin. After activating the plugin, go to Settings » SB Welcome Email to create your custom email messages.

On this screen, you can edit the email a new user receives upon signup. You can also edit the email admins receive when a new user joins the site, or when a user forgets their password. Simply go to the Welcome Email Settings section, and you will see the option to change the email subject, and customize the email sent to the user in the box below.

Create your custom welcome email message

There are a number of tags available which you can use in your custom email template. Some of these tags are:

[site_url], [login_url], [user_email], [user_login], [plaintext_password], [blog_name], [admin_email], [user_id], [custom_fields], [first_name], [last_name], [date], [time]

Once you have created your custom welcome email message, you need to save your settings by clicking on the Update Settings button at the bottom of the page. After saving your settings, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Test Emails button. This will send out a test email to the email address you have used for your account on your WordPress site.

Save and test your email settings in WordPress

Troubleshooting Welcome Email:

In case you do not receive the test email, then you need to make sure that you are receiving other WordPress emails such as new comment notification, etc. Often what happens is that your server is not setup to send emails.

As a best practice you can always use Gmail’s SMTP server to send out WordPress emails. This will ensure a better delivery rate and ensure that your Welcome email does not end up in the user’s spam folder.

We hope this article helped you send a custom welcome message to new users on your WordPress site. Email is a very powerful and effective communication tool. A customized personal message will help you build a better community on your WordPress site. While you’re setting up a custom welcome email, make sure that you setup an email list for your site as well.

Let us know what do you have include in your site’s welcome email by leaving a comment below.