How to Show Parent Comment in WordPress Comments


WordPress comments allow you to reply to others in a form of nested-replies also known as threaded comments. The problem is that moderation of replies is not very intuitive. Recently one of our readers asked us if there was a way to add parent comments to the comments on the moderation screen. In this article, we will show you how to easily show parent comment in WordPress comments.

The Comment Moderation Problem

WordPress allows users to reply to comments by clicking on the reply button below a comment. See our guide on how to style WordPress comments layout.

Comment reply button below a comment in a WordPress post

When a user replies to a comment, it appears with a link to the parent comment in the admin area.

Parent comment link with a child comment

During comment moderation, you may want to see the parent comment to understand the context of a reply.

When you click on the link to the parent comment, it opens the post in a new tab and takes you to the parent comment. This is a little distracting and takes more time than necessary.

Having said that, let’s see how you can see a parent comment with a child comment in WordPress admin area.

Show Parent Comment With Child Comment in WordPress

First thing you need to do is install and activate the Show Parent Comment plugin. It works out of the box, and there are no settings for you to configure.

Simply go to the comments page in the admin area. You will notice parent comment highlighted and quoted above child comments.

Parent comment displayed above the child comment on WordPress comment moderation screen

This allows you to quickly understand the context of a comment. You can then add your own reply or simply approve or delete a comment.

That’s all, we hope this article helped you show parent comment in WordPress comments page. You may also want to see our guide on 11 ways to get more comments on your WordPress blog.

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