How to Turn Off Comments Notifications in WordPress


Have you received an email from WordPress about a comment notification? We get asked this question a lot from new users. How do we turn off comment notifications in WordPress? WordPress has a built-in feature that notifies the administrator if a comment is posted or held in moderation. This feature is enabled by default on all installations. In this article, we will show you how to turn off comment notifications in WordPress.

Login to your WordPress dashboard. In the menus, go to: Settings » Discussion. Then look at where it says “Email me whenever” and un-check the boxes there.

Turn OFF Comment Notifications in WordPress

This will turn off new comment notifications that you get. This is one of the most frequently asked WordPress questions that we get.

Bonus Tip:

We also get asked about New comment notification from other sites. That happens because the site you commented on is using a plugin like “Subscribe to Comments“. You probably checked or forgot to uncheck the box. Most of those emails have an unsubscribe link. You should be able to unsubscribe fairly easily.

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