How you can help save other WordPress users some time?


WordPress is a great platform and that is only because it has a great community behind it. There are thousands of plugins in the repository that are available for FREE. Thank you awesome plugin developers who gave us that gift. Now it is our turn to give back. It is frustrating to land on a plugin page which has been downloaded thousands of time and only has one person confirming that it works, or it is broken. We understand not everyone is a coder, but everyone can be a tester. We can all spend 5 seconds of our valuable time to visit the WordPress Plugin Repository and do the plugin compatability check.

This will help all other WordPress users who were thinking about using that plugin because now they will feel much more comfortable using the plugin. Assurance is great for satisfaction. Every self-hosted WordPress installation comes with Akismet installed and more than half of those blogs use Akismet. The sad part is that only 5 people took their time out reporting that Akismet works with WordPress 3.0.1. Why people why?

Awesome folks in the community have redesigned plugin repository. The entire reason for writing this post is to encourage users to vote on the version compatibility for the plugins they use. If you have no idea what we are talking about then follow the tutorial below:

First you will need a account, which is good to have because you can submit bug reports on plugins, do the compatability check, answer questions etc. You can Register an account for FREE through this link.

Next visit the WordPress Plugin Repository and search the plugin that you are using. In this example, we will use the plugin called Comment Redirect because we are using it on our site, and we know it works with WordPress 3.0.1. This plugin has been downloaded over 7,000 times out of which at least half of the users are still using it. But there are no responses of whether it works or not.

Plugin Compatability Votes

Well because it works, all we have to do is click Works. Now it will show other users that 1 person has verified that this plugin works with WordPress 3.0.1. So if someone else wants to use it, they have at least one person assuring them that it works.

Plugin Compatability Votes

But this can be a green light if more people vote. It needs at least 4 votes for WordPress to be 100% sure that it works. Below we are displaying the image for All in One SEO Pack Plugin, which has enough votes for WordPress to give a green light.

Plugin Compatability Votes

5 seconds of your effort can really improve this community. Please go and vote for the plugin compatability of the ones that you are using on your site. Also don’t forget to let us know in the comments which plugins you voted for.