jQuery Full Calendar Integration with Bootstrap, PHP & MySQL

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Recently I have used this plugin in an application and faced some issues to integrate it with bootstrap so I don’t want my readers to waste time in integration in this tutorial you will get a fullcalendar working with bootstrap, PHP & MySQL. We are doing some basic operations like add event, edit event and delete event.

Let’s start.

Step 1. Download fullcalendar plugin from here.

Step 2. Create database table events

Step 3. Code includes below jQuery scripts

PHP Files and coding:


Add your database connection credntials.


This file contains all the operations like add, update, delete events and load event and modal popups of bootstrap.

You can seperate all operations in files as add-event.phpedit-event.php etc.

HTML popup and calander div defined in below markup:


This file contains all the operations and send request to PHP and receive responce on fron.

A Demo and free demo code available for download with this tutorial

This is the simple guide to add full Calendar events in your application and it’s super easy i hope you like this please feel free to share your reviews and problems in comments.

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