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Security is something that should be in the back of everyone’s mind. This is why we always backup our WordPress. One of the very common attack that you can see is Brute Force attack. This basically means that a hacker keeps trying to guess your password until they get it right. Most of the times, they use a script for this. Limit Login Attempts allows us to track and limit the number of failed login attempts.

Why you need to Limit Login Attempts in WordPress?

Sometimes the hacker might think they know your password, or they might develop a script to guess your password. In that case what you need to do is limit the login attempts. Limiting the failed login attempts will lock a user out if they entered the wrong password more than the specified time. They will be locked out for a specified time. You can control the settings from your WordPress admin panel. This will also let you see how many people are trying to hack your site. If you see the same IP trying to access your site, then you can BAN that IP address.

Below is a screenshot of how it looks:

Limit Login Attempts

For more tips on how to protect your WordPress admin area, check out our article about 13 Vital Tips and Hacks to Protect your WordPress Admin Area.

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