Lucky Winners for Digging into WordPress Book Giveaway


This past week, we were honored to run a giveaway for Digging into WordPress eBook. We would like to thank Jeff Starr (@perishable) for making this contest possible and giving away 3 copies to WPBeginner users. DigWP is one of the best WordPress books for designers and developers. This book is full of valuable WordPress tips, tricks, and hacks with great explanation that you normally would not find on the web. If you are thinking about getting into theme development, then this is one of the best books to read and have as a guide because there are snippets that you will be referencing to over and over.

This was a twitter-exclusive contest where users were required to tweet about the contest and post a comment with their twitter link. Last requirement was that they must follow @wpbeginner on twitter, so we could notify them via Direct Message.

Winners were selected randomly. Each entry was assigned a number, and the lucky winners received our Direct messages.



Coupon for Digging into WordPress

There were over 130+ entries. So we know that a lot of you who wanted the book did not win. This is a great ebook, and this random selection should not STOP you from buying this book right now. Jeff even created a $4 OFF Coupon if you purchase using our link with the following code: WPBeginnerDIW

Thank you DigWP Authors

We want to thank the authors of Digging into WordPress for sponsoring this giveaway. Please check them out and follow them on twitter: