Manage Your Ads in WordPress with OIO Publisher (Review)


When it comes to controlling ad space on WordPress blogs, there are few options out there. In this article we will be sharing a highly reputed commercial Ad Manager plugin known as OIO Publisher. The goal of this plugin is to maximize your revenue, save you time, and keep you in control of your ad space.

OIO Publisher

What Can You Do with OIO Publisher?

OIO Publisher allows you to place ad spots throughout your web site in the zones that you like, and then go out there and sell those ads. It allows you to pick what size ads you want, and how much should they cost. It also integrates with several payment options such as PayPal and 2Checkout.

OIO Publisher Settings

This plugin is full with features. You get to set zones and in each zone you can choose how many ads will be displayed. You have an option to make the ads rotate. You can offer buyers the opportunity to buy several months of advertising at a discount pricing or you can do monthly subscription. All of this is and much more can be done through the straight forward administration panel.

There is a default banner that reads Advertise here. When a buyer clicks on one of your Advertise Here links, they will be taken to your sales page. This page will be generated by this plugin. Here the users can fill out their information, upload their advertisement image, and choose the payment method. Once they submit an ad, it waits for your approval before it is published on the site. Once you’ve approved the advertisement, OIO Publisher will run the ad for the period that you were paid for, and it will email out statistics on how the ad is doing to the buyer. If your sponsor subscribed for month to month payment, OIO Publisher checks with paypal or their payment method to see if the payment was made. If the subscription was cancelled, it will notify you, and automatically remove the ad from the site.

Screenshot for the Payment Form

OIO Publisher Payment Form

Screenshot for Advertiser Report

OIO Publisher Advertiser Report

There are also options for offering pay-per-post, digital downloads, and affiliate programs. All at rates you set in the administrative panel.

Our Opinion

OIO Publisher is a great product that will put you in control. It is very easy to implement and use, but this product does not guarantee that you will have plenty of advertisers. You will still have to do the hard work in order to get advertisers to purchase the ads from your site.

The downside of OIO Publisher when compared to services like BuySellAds is that these services have a huge advertising base, and they can drive advertisers to your sites. Even though OIO Publisher have a marketplace section on their website, it is no where near as powerful as BuySellAds. You will still have to do a lot of work to get advertisers to your site.

The plus side of using OIO Publisher is that you get to keep 100% of the profits from selling the ad spots whereas on services like BuySellAds, there is a middle man fee that you pay.

Cost of this Plugin: $47 ($10 OFF Coupon for WPBeginner Users)

This is a one-time fee, and you can use this plugin on as many domains as you want (as long as you own them). You will also get outstanding support from OIO Publisher team when needed for this one-time fee.