Mega Collection of The Best Free Social Media Icons for Bloggers and Designers


Social Media Integration is becoming a must have feature for every website and blog. It is crucial for a website’s success that this feature is not overlooked. One of the ways to get user’s attention is having nice social media icons because they are attention grabbing and easily recognizable. In this showcase we are presenting to you a mega collection of beautiful Social Media Icons that you cannot resist adding to your collection.

Note: Please respect author’s Terms of Service when using these icons because if it weren’t for them, we would not have this amazing collection.

1. Vector Social Media Icons

Mega Collection of Social Media Icons

2. Handy Icons

3. Cute Tweeters Icon Set

4. Web 2.0rigami

5. Extended Set of Social Icons

6. Social Media Mini Icon Pack

7. Social Icons Hand Drawn

8. The Leaves Fall

9. Web 2 Badges

10. Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

11. The Dellifeed Icon Set

12. The Polaroid Icon Set

13. Page Peel – Free Social Media Icon Set

14. Cheers – Free Social Media Icon Set

15. Social Post Stamps

16. FreeHand Color Stroked

17. Function Free Social Media Icon Bonus Pack

18. Sweet and Unique Twitter Badges and Buttons

19. Handycons

20. Social Media Icons Made of Wood

21. Socialize Icons

22. Circular Social Media Icons

23. Heart My Website Icons

24. Social Bookmark Iconset

24. Set of Social Icons No. 2

25. Web Social Icons

26. Loon Social Icons

27. Handycons 2

28. Social Glow Icon Set

29. Social Glow Icon Set

30. Cafe Icon Set

31. 53 Brand New Twitter Icons

32. Wood Social Networking Icons

33. Sketchy Social Bookmarking Icons

34. Pixel Perfect Social Media Icons

35. Glossy Social Media Icons

36. SocioLego Icons

37. Experimental Social Icons

38. Rivet Social Icon Set

39. Free Twitter Bird Icon Set

40. It’s Twitter Time Icon Set

41. Nurture Icon Set

42. Plechi’s Social Media Icon Set

Mega Collection of Social Media Icons

43. Stitch Styled Social Media Icons Set

44. 3D Social Media Icons Set

45. Birdies Icon Set

46. Birdies Icon Set

47. Sleek Tabbed Social Icons

48. PC Social Media Icons

49. Panda Social Media Icons

50. Panda Social Media Icons

51. Stickynote Social Media Icons

52. Curly Vector Social Icons

53. Jeans Social Media Icons

54. Black and White Social Media Icons

55. Social Network Icon Pack – KomodoMedia

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