Minecraft Console Commands And Cheat Codes [Updated]


minecraft console commands and cheats

Minecraft Console Commands And Cheats For Better Gameplay

Hard work is the key to success but smart work will definitely get you huge success. A cheat code and console commands are always there to ensure when you want to conquer great scores and get the sprawling sandbox by raising up the command bar. Enter some magical symbols and words and lead the Minecraft world.

Never underestimate the Minecraft commands, it is not just a random string of characters, it can drastically change the world and kill every single enemy without working hard and melting all the precious metal locked up in your inventory.

Some people call Minecraft cheats as a cheating, but consider it as a smart way to save huge time and get into the amazing Minecraft project easily.

If you are planning to get into the Minecraft commands, the easiest possible way is to make use of Minecraft console commands, they are simple to use and can be added as Minecraft seeds without any issues. When you are clearing a new Minecraft you need to select whether you want to allow cheat codes or not. Once you select the option of yes, you can need to press the key “C” and pull the command bar. Here is the place when you will be entering all your Minecraft console commands and Minecraft cheat codes.

When you enter a command, it works as a single player and it is must to prefix it by the forward slash i.e. /. The prefix is not applicable for the multiplayer commands. All you need is to type the desired command and tap on the enter key.

List Of Minecraft Console Commands And Cheats

Here are the best and workable Minecraft cheats and console commands



The command name /help will provide with more information about the particular command.


/give @Player Item [Amount] [Data Value]

This command helps another payer to access an item from your existing inventory. Like when you enter /give @PCGamerME Minecraft: planks 15 1.  This Minecraft commands gives the PCGamerME 15 Wood Planks. The command is very simple and works great with single objects. It is very useful when you are working with specific trades


/tp [TargetPlayer] a b c

This is another smart Minecraft code which helps instantly to transport yourself or any other player to a particular location across the world. You need to add another player’s name in the place and it will transport the target at the particular player’s location. In addition to it, this command helps you to teleport to a new world with the help of Minecraft maps



This command allows the killing of the character, this can be used by adding the command to another player’s name.


/weather WeatherType

This is another powerful Minecraft console commands which allow the player to select the weather which you want in your world. You get an option to include weather like rain, thunder and also snowing.

Creative mode

/gamemode creative

This code changes the entire gamemode into Creative mode. This will help the player with an option like flight, unlimited resources and also stop the mobs who are attacking you.

Survival mode

/gamemode survival

This command helps you to transform the gamemode into survival mode. That means when the mobs are attacking you, you just need to gather all the resources.

Set time

/time set 5000

This Minecraft cheat code allows the payers to set the time of the day as per their choice. In addition to it, they can replace “5000” with “0” for dawn and it can be entered as “12000” for dusk for night set the time as “18000” and “6000” for midday.

Change difficulty level to Peaceful

/difficulty peaceful

The best and easiest way to get more score is to change the difficulty level into the peaceful mode. All you need to do is to change “Peaceful” with words like “easy” or “normal”. If you love challenges, you can add the difficulty level as “hard”.

How to find your world’s seed code


This Minecraft cheat code will help you develop a code suitable for your world, just note it down and then load and a similar one in future.

Keep inventory when you die

/gamerule keepInventory true

Once you die, make sure you don’t lose up any inventory while dying. The best Minecraft code is to revert this as entering as “false” instead of “true”

Stop time

/game rule doDaylightCycle false

This Minecraft command helps to stop the day/light cycle of the game. In addition to it, you can live under permanent sunshine or moonlight as per your choice. If you want to resume the day or light cycle, you just need to enter /game rule doDaylightCycle true and you are done.



This command helps you to instantly drop the desired creature or any object inside your world. This command comes very handily when you are just running short of few tame ocelots.

Atlantis mode


This Minecraft cheat code helps to drastically increase the world’s water level. It will submerge everything except the highest mountains.



This quick command helps the player to teleports where they are facing easily.

Mob damage

/mod damage

This is a cool command which safe grad you from mobs. In short, the mobs cannot do any damage to you.



When you enter the command /ride it will turn the creatures that you are facing instantly into a mount

Instant mine


The mining can be done in a just a single click with a tool of your choice.



The command of /freeze stops the mobs inside their original tracks.

Fall damage


With the help of /falldamages, Minecraft commands you can easily turn fall damage on and off as per your preference.

Fire damage


This command enables you to turn on and off the fire damage, the choice is yours.

Water damage


Water damage can be switched on and off using this command.