Overview of WordPress 3.0 with Screenshots


WordPress 3.0 is coming out very soon (May 1, 2010). The first beta version of WordPress 3.0 is already out for users to try out. You should try it on a test blog to see all the cool features. For those who do not want to test the beta version, you can read this post to see the overview of WordPress 3.0.

WordPress 3.0 Screenshots

There were a lot of mini changes made in this version to improve usability. We like a lot of these changes, and some of the changes were not as impressive. One of the better changes in this version was the clean look of the dashboard. Content and discussion is organized in its own column.

Another awesome change that significantly makes life easier is bulk upgrade of plugins from the plugins page. Bulk upgrade of plugins was available in previous versions, but it was from the upgrade page not the main plugins page.

In previous versions, there was a separate tab for Adding new themes, but it was too small. Most new users had a hard time finding it. In WordPress 3.0, they made installing themes option more visible by adding it at the top of the themes page. We think this will be great for new users.

One of the most amazing features of this release that will make life easier for both users and theme designers is the advanced menus. You can see the screenshot below to see how versatile this menu system is.

The new 2010 theme has very cool header options. This can be adapted by other themes that are created for WordPress 3.0 and onwards.

Another great theme feature that this release comes with is Custom backgrounds. You can now add a custom background to all themes that are compatible with WP 3.0. This will give your site a unique touch in few clicks.

One of the most hyped feature of this release, the merge, is also something that most users will take advantage of. You can now manage all of your blogs and sites from one installation of WordPress.

One of the features we didn’t like was the UGLY Grey theme update. We think the current grey theme is far better than the new grey theme that is coming with this release. The logo looks stylish, but the header doesn’t stand out. The gradient effect looks like that a 3 year old did it. Syed was very disappointed with this new grey theme. He currently uses the grey theme, but he will be switching to the blue theme.

Also note in the above screenshot that the upgrade button is now moved in the dashboard tab. It is called updates. Don’t know if that is for the better or for the worst. Only time will tell.

A brand new default theme is added. This theme is called Twenty Ten. This theme can serve as a good framework for new developers to start. Also it is a default theme, that users can actually use. The ugly classic blue theme and kubrick theme will no longer be included in the official WordPress downloads. Although you can download them from the Themes Directory (Don’t know why anyone would want to do that).

Security Updates

There were two very cool features that were added in this installation. These new features will certainly help hundreds of lazy bloggers who normally uses the “admin” username and never update Security Keys.

Now upon the installation of your WordPress blogs, you will be given an option to pick a username. This means no more default ‘admin’ username.

Also, in this update Security Keys will be generated for users. This will improve security for those users who never go back and edit wp-config.php. We want to thank WordPress for this new feature because a lot of beginners are afraid of editing php files.

For those of you who want more tricks to protect your WordPress site check out Syed’s Presentation.

We are really excited about this release because after this release, you will see a few more sections added to WPBeginner. The release of this version will be announced at WordCamp San Francisco, so if you are in the area definitely attend the event.

Check out the official features list of WordPress 3.0. If you have any questions or problems pertaining to WordPress 3.0, then please post them in the comments.