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Primarily, overwatch PTR patch is a beta version which is being launched or delivered by the game officially. It is a new overwatch patch notes which is currently under development and will soon be released. As we know, overwatch is a team-based shooter game, and such games require new versions or for instance, modifications and so on.

So, the new PTR overwatch patch notes are being developed and are free for testing. So these new overwatch PTR patch notes might involve changes or new characteristics for characters as well as is meant to have new voice lines added or some specific modifications in the voice or voice lines.

The game, before announcing it officially is trying to let people test it. So, the overwatch PTR notes will be released after the testing is done and the results occur to be in favor of Blizzard entertainment. As overwatch is a hit team players game, the expectations of people tend to rise with the launch of any new overwatch patch notes.

There has been the creation of Overwatch PTR version before going for the actual launch for the users’ convenience and ensuring enjoyability.

Overwatch Ptr Patch Notes Updated

So the specifications of the new overwatch PTR Patch notes are:

  • Better and enhanced character chattering in the game
  • Better voice lines
  • Acknowledging powerups from other heroes or players of overwatch
  • Have eventually added a better set of personalities and qualities to the game characters
  • Making fixations in any bugging problems or tweaks.

Apart from these basic, major and general modifications, these new overwatch PTR patch notes have done a lot more. Let us have a look on some of the major highlights of this new patch note:

It will let you travel to some diverse and newer locations as compared to before, and that is to use just one map. It allows you to get access and control from three different and distant locales while you travel to South Korea and battle for the same. These locales, in particular, would be MEKA base, Sanctuary, and Downtown.

If we talk about the version and scene of “Sanctuary” in this new overwatch patch, it will comprise more of the ancient history relations, for instance, beautiful gardens and sceneries, ancient or historical temples along with some very traditional or historical architectural creation.

Then comes, “downtown.” Downtown is more of the clashing metropolis scenario full of bustle. There would expectedly be attractive and very flashy karaoke bars and rail station with lights where you actually need to watch out for the rails coming your way and therefore, there might be players who will continue fighting across busy streets or PC bangs.

If we talk about “MEKA base,” it would be the home or residence of South Korea’s defense system on the frontline which has been there for fighting against the Omnic attacks, and it would include the MEKA squad most majorly.

These were some of the major highlights which take place after the new overwatch patch notes will be launched. These PTR overwatch patch notes have another major impact too, which would be on the character or evidently, the heroes involved in the game.

It has created some major add-ons in their characteristics as heroes and their abilities and looked as well. Let us have a look on the same, in brief:

Major updates for heroes under the Overwatch patch Notes:

1. ANA:

The character comes with a biotic rifle which eventually has increased the relative aim sensitivity with a zoomed slider too. You could find it under options, in control.

2. Brigitte:

This character can also get a shield bash which will help it to easily knock other characters down and charge targets.


This character is added with an earthshattering which will help it in many ways, such allowing it to hit enemies from a distance and not just from near the walls, will not hit the enemies who are behind the barriers which block them and so on. It would also be able to travel up and around the payload as well.


This character is rewarded with a “widow’s kiss” which will aid it in improving the precision of relative sensitivity of aim and zoomed slider too.

Now there have been some bug fixations by the new overwatch PTR patch notes as well. Let us have a look on the same, characterized by each character:

  • The best of all is the fixation in Brigitte’s shield bash movement which was a big problem while she was impacting Symmetra’s turrets.
  • Has fixed the big which eventually led D.V a quit the map in a certain situation
  • Has helped in fixing a bug which let Dragonstrike arrow get bigger than the other arrows of Hanzo.
  • Fixed a bug which used to the line of sight for Mei’s blizzard due to certain circumstances.
  • Has fixed a bug which led Mercy to gain extreme charge when she uses her beams while attacking.
  • The Reaper’s shadow often cooled down because of a bug which kept him interrupted. This patch has fixed it too.
  • Fixed the bug which used to keep Sombra from destroying the translocator whenever she got stunned.

There are some other modifications and bug fixations for numerous other players as well, including wrecking ball, Symmetra, widowmaker, Reinhardt and so on.

If we talk about the whole game’s performance and bug fixations for the same, there have been considerable changes too, for instance in the general mode and communication wheels and so on.

Well, eventually these overwatch patches have improved the game’s worth and its enjoyability by the ardent gamers who are a big fan. It has been believed to improve the game ratings and its craze as well.

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Such changes and new patches are expected when it comes to super cool and demanded games like overwatch. The platform for your gaming on overwatch is improved and just on the verge of implementation, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use overwatch patch notes provided.

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